Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Exam is Over..

Gamba tajaan

Alhamdulillah, my exam week was smoothly run, and is over now. So, now is time for semester brake that I need to fulfilled with a beneficial things, and with appropriate way. From deep in my heart dun want to waste my vacant with none, instead I want to spend my semester brake with part time job and freelance offer. Cost, and cost and costed.. Everythings need a work hard towards the mission. My health is fine currently, but sometimes when I was ‘engaged’ with ‘SERIOUS TIME’ every month suddenly I was collapsed, and sick. Tired badly is almost the main problem happened.

Dun want talk about the bad stories, I just want to pray that everything was fine and this semester brake bring a lots of good things inside it. Before I end this entry, I just want to share about myself. Okay, everyone have their own characteristics right? So, same goes with me. I am friendly but sometimes I am not very talkative at all. I can be quite, and I can be noise. So, for those who realize why I am so quite, and look like that I don’t want to communicate with them, please be understand that I am what I am. Don’t worry because nothing to be hearted okay.
So, my hope and pray for the examination that have been past, I can perform and improved.

Last but not least, I can get bling2x A’s as much as I can. Likewise, May ALLAH brings a lot of good heart and things to my lecturers and examiners. May ALLAH Bless them so that I can get a good result and I am too for the ‘barakah’ semester brake. I love to finish my studies and can’t wait to face the working world.

Therefore, I do love myself and I’ve proud to be myself.


  1. suke lah.. bila exam abis..

  2. @Sadieq : tq.. dah lame abis exam. skg cuti sem.:D entry lame baru nak reply comment awak:D