Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why you are so addicted with blog?

One women said "Why you are so addicted with blog?"
I replied "That's not because addicted. That's because it's effective way rather than games can give earnings and by always updating our blog's content and information will effects for our blog metered and buffered earnings. Likewise, u got new friends, current info quickly, get more knowledge and ect. For some people, that's a business platform to them.."
She said "Oh, really? It's rewarded? Are you sure?"
I said " Yes, i'm sure.. So many people have been paid by this adv sense and etc!.. huhuhu... For example : princess, anatasha, cikgu naman, intan, nurul, etc."
That women : "Oh, that's good. Please teach me.. hehe".
I just smile.. dlm ati, pirahhh.. tadi kondem org, skg nak belajar plak!??!.. muahahaha.. nilah manusia.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today i wanna going to class by bus..

Good evening all,

Today, i wanna going to class by bus.. It's long time i've not waiting for the bus.. Hmm, hopefully it's not westing time so much!.. Hehehehe.. Currently, my classmate always pic up and drop me at home.. But today, i wanna going early. Library also, i hope they provide what i wanna find. I would like to find about 4 books for my Titas Essay Writting by grouping. My group partner is coming late today. So, i decide to come early..

I'll try to get a new mood by waiting a bus today. Hope that doesn't bring any problem!!.. uhukkkk...

Yesterday's Story..

Waiting my classmate to pick up me and it's a bit too long time, so i decide to snapping and snapping.. Yesterday, i editing about 5 minutes and there.. that's the result (gambo kat atas tu).. Do u like it? If u wanna it, i can do for u...include payment. huhuhuh :) Now always with payment..
Talk about payment, i remember about my client that wanna bought my baju kurung pahang yesterday. Actually she's decide and confirm wanna bought my clothes last 2 weeks. So, she just booked for me until end of the months. So, i ask her again yesterday.. She wait for her husband for payment purposes. (Jgn xjadi sudah. I've kept for her..n my friend n i need a capital back and some profit..) Hopefully, ALLAH is always help me.. amen.
Also about my study payment... Oh, it's been too long time for waiting the bills.. So worried.. When i spend a money for study fees.. I have to worried about using it with other things and reason.. Hopefully, i can pay by this week.
Oh.. hopefully, my new cooperation with my best buddy a.k.a classmates will bring a lot of barakah and project will be.. So many thing to spend with money will be.. for the internet user, blogger. readers and followers, do whatever u do should be to increase my traffic... hehehe.. up traffic and clicking.. Tabungku darimu.. thx!.. :)

Second Article..

Salam and G.Night everybody,

Tonite i feel so happy coz my article for second assignment have been approved just now. Therefore, i've to prepare all those things for my article review and presentation.. Luckily, i have a week to read and understand it before make a review on this journal. Mmmh fenin la at first time i read it!.. But, it can be okay later on..

May ALLAH Bless me..

Also about an essay for group, hopefully i can arrive campus early tomorrow for book loan process. And, hope we will not late completing all the assignment.. Need to be early this semester due our business and my own business launched and should be very busy with all the project and clients required. InsyaALLAH.. Pray for us and May ALLAH Bless us!.. amen..

Hope for Syaban months will bring a lot of success to us, good job and project!.. amen...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Need to think which organization for learning study purposes.

Now time to select and survey some of the potential private organization and allow students to make some learning process by interviewing, looking, and visit their organization for core information system subject and minor record management paper in order to completing my course of study purposes.

May ALLAH Bless us!

I am Nobody..

I am nobody, but i dream to become somebody some day..
Internally, i am strong and positive..
Even though i looks like humble externally..

This journal is not an article that I need to review and evaluate for my daily diary.
But, this is only a journal that can teach me, guide me,
With all the memories and experiences through this journey in study.

I'm sure, it's not easy to reach a goal,
It's hard to pick a star at the sky..
But, only 1 stregth that can make me strong,
That's my parents!

I've to achieve what i've dream,
With all the sacrifices at the beginning of the way..
And now, i've to choose whether move to the next ending with successfull,
or back for the same level!

Definitely, i will choose the right first way!..
I am nobody, but have a dream to become somebody!..
Wish me luck!.,
One journal in a journey of my life.. learning journal.

Alhamdulillah.. i've settled one presentation.

Salam all,

Good evening for all my readers!,

Alhamdulillah, i've settled one presentation for managing record in org!.. At first it's lied if i say that i'm not nervous.. That's a bit nervous at the first slide.. move to the second slide, it was come back as usual. Huh, sgt lega!.. hehehe.. alhamdulillah...Luckily that's only 5 slide for every students... huhuhuhu.... hope my beloved lecturer will give a good mark for my determination for all that work and worth it!

Mode : So cool and happy! But need to find an article for another subject functional design of record centre, lectured by the same lecturer will be presenting by next thursday..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today is my presentation Day!

Salam all,

Yesterday, i was window shooping with my best buddy and visiting our best friend!.. Suddently, i saw a "inai around her hand".. and i informed that there's a promotion "inai" counter inside giant promotion lots.

I was interested amd joint too!.. And tadddddaaaa... below picture will be describing to u!.. scrolll down..

I forgot that i've a presentation day yesterday!.. Once i put "inai" in my hand, afterwards, i just realize!!!... heheheehe ;) Hopefully nobody will be surprised with my artistic hand!.. thehehehe..

Wish me a best of luck ya!.. hehehe ;) I'm not finished yet!!..hehehe ;)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nak Buat Contest la..

Salam all,

G.Morning all my readers! Have a good day! :)

Suddently, this morning i got one idea and wanna create one contest for all my follower to give one of them which lucky a big surprise prize soon. It's related for studies entry, studies post, studies environment and student prize as well!.. Wish a lot that i can create a contest after raya.. around final examination around so that you feel an examination surroundings!.. However, start to be my followers and being my common commentors so that i can judge well. Wait ya! Coming soon..

Tomorrow will be Busy day~


Hmm, alhamdulillah, i'm back from replacement class for fasting months for this whole day.

Tomorrow will be my busy day. Have to completing my assginment for article review due my presentation on monday.. Hope will do well. Should stay at home well and do my assignment..

~~~~~Mode : Tired~~~~~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Salam to all,

alhamdulillah, today i've completed one step which is my article have been approved.. yehaaaa!!!!... ;) soo happy. That's mean, the next step, i need to read, understand, review and evaluated for next week presentation. Honestly, i like this kind of assignment!.. But, when the article finding is the main problem, i feel a bit stress and fed up. However, i've settled down this problem and can proceed soon. Tq for some friends that contributing for this article finding and password identify. Tq alls!.. muaxxxxx!!~

Tomorrow will be our sacrifices for business day. I'll update some of the new stock and pending pictures that's kept by our accountant. Wait for tomorrow at aien gallery ya!

Today, i'll be early going to class with my future business partner for Picture Editing!.. Titas 2 for ethic relation will be held about 2hours. Hope i can catch up well and smoothly absorb into my mind.

Last but not least, May ALLAH Bless me and u olls, readers and followers.. Tq.

Learning how to love cat..

I just want to share with uolls about cat.. the pets that i really allergic and dun't like very much.. Doesn't mean i hate that cute pets, i love the cute picture, their cute figure, but.. i am "geli geleman" with their smooth body structure and fur (short fine hair covering their bodies)..

But, now i learn how to love cat and be a good mummy to them! (terpaksa)...when they hungary and at the same time nobody around to give them food. but, can't touch coz i got allergic which is "geli geleman".. huhuhu~

At my house there's a cat have been delivered her's baby and i hope they will not live here when their kids grown up because i really "geleman" with baby cat that like to play around our legs... Oh no!!!!... i really dun like! hope they will understand.. For pet's lover, i can considered and cooperate with the good cat but not very indulgent okay!..

Have to..


Good evening everyone..

While i was preparing my things and get ready to class, and waiting for my classmate arrive to pick me up going to class, the cloud is totally dark, even this moments is almost 6.15pm, but the surroundings is such as 8pm and above... Waooo... so dark u know! Serious i said!.. I'm not lied~

Heavy raining and sometimes loud noise that accompanies lightning, or a thunder is comes together is very frighten. Suddently, my friend call in.

"Hello, we can't go to class. Very dark cloud and heavy rain it was!.. " she said.
"Oh, really.. where are you? " i am replied.
"I'm still at KL right now.." she's said.
"Oh, if that the matter, it's okay.. " my last word.

So, finally, we can't going to class. That's not because we're lazy, but can't.. That's one of the challanges during this journey.. However, I have an assignment pending thaat need to completed. So, without waste my time, i start to do my task..

Plz pray for me that's situation never comes again... serious!.. pray for me and wish a best moments for one and half year more for me ya!..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dun Postpone!..

As a reminder to myself and all,

Dun postpone ur work, job, task, assignment, even married!.. ngee~ at the end u'll be late!.. ;)The better at the early and on the time~

Be the early person, not last minute person! ;)

Berangan nak apply TPM soon..

Yesterday, i've disscuss with my friend about TPM scholarship study mode..

She said "
You have to work hard if you wanna get the best result at the end of your graduation soon. That's important when you want apply for TPM Scholarship future."

I am replied " erm, insyaALLAH, i'll try and in process to improve my study so that it's more effective! But, am i selected and qualified for TPM scholarship?"

She said again " Sure you can!.. But you must consistent and work more harder.. "

In my heart " nak sedapkan hati haku la ni... hmmmm" suddently my heart say in malay... hehehehe ;)

Time to completing my assignment..

Salam and hello everybody,

Currently, i'm quite busy with my new business online activities that almost early in their born moments, and try to grown up well.. So, today and tomorrow, i'll try to completed my first assignment that need to be present on next week.

Article finding was easy work for me to find previously, but recently we've to use another password that make me postponed my task for completing my article finding. This is because i on't have that password to welcome myself to find any article for free. That first step which is find a relevant article according their title required need to take more time to find and the easiest thing to do is based on google ( famous search engine), but not all their articles have a high quality as we all know.

Hmm, actually, i feel a bit bored and headache that need to release for some time by post something into my blog entry. You know what, so many list of articles there but, there's no one is relevant to my assignment!.. owh!.. so terrible bad!.. Hehehe, but i feel cool when i try to post something at my blogspot and i'll rewarded soon... let's follow me.. ;)

Okay, i'll continue for my finding, and i'm sure i can found it!.. How come that previous semester i can find easier, but that's not now???.. I'm sure i can got it soon!.. Bye, see you soon.

p/s : plz comments friends, i don't want to be someone that talk only with myself.. I need 2 ways communication and conversation plz!.. ngeee~ :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Financial Management Tips.

As previous entry, i've told that i wanna share with all readers, followers for "how can i survive for study in these modern and costing life?" Plz read carefully in below article points discusses, so that you can take something as your financial management skills, and new information.

This article i got from "Smart Consumer Portal".. Let's read it!~

Home > Tips-Tip Pengguna
Kewangan - Tip Menguruskan Kewangan

Dalam mengurus kewangan dan merancang perbelanjaan khususnya untuk diri sendiri mahupun untuk keluarga bukanlah sesuatu yang sukar untuk kita mengadaptasikan prinsip pengurusan kewangan di dalam kehidupan kita seharian. Memang ada di antara segelintir kita yang ‘tahu' iaitu mempunyai pengetahuan dalam mengurus kewangan dan mengawal perbelanjaan seharian mereka, namun masih ada juga di antara kita yang ‘malas' untuk mengadaptasikannya atau melaksanakannya dalam kehidupan seharian kita. Tetap masih ramai yang tertanya-tanya apakah ‘konsep asas' dalam pengurusan kewangan dan mengawal perbelanjaan. Disini disertakan beberapa konsep asas pengurusan kewangan untuk diparktikkan oleh para pengguna:

TIP 1 : Menentukan Matlamat Kewangan

Matlamat atau dalam istilah lainnya ‘target' sebagai pengguna. Samalah konsepnya seperti zaman semasa belajar duhulu. Dalam konteks mengurus kewangan, kita harus tahu akan matlamat kewangan kita itu. Ke mana ianya hendak digunakan!

Contohnya, mungkin ada di antara kita yang bermatlamat untuk :

•menyambung pelajaran;
•membeli sebuah rumah;
•berbulan madu;
•perbelanjaan rumahtangga;
•pendidikan anak-anak;
•mengerjakan ibadah Haji;
•perbelanjaan sewaktu persaraan;
•dan banyak lagi!
Jelasnya di sini ialah kita telah nampak apakah matlamat kewangan kita. Apabila kita sudah nampak akan matlamat kewangan kita, sudah pasti aliran kewangan kita akan menjadi lebih teratur dan terancang. Seterusnya kita juga perlu tahu jangka masa untuk kita mencapai matlamat kita tadi. Sama ada matlamat tersebut akan dicapai dalam jangka masa yang pendek, sederhana atau pun panjang. Contohnya, merancang untuk mengerjakan ibadah haji untuk 3 tahun akan datang. Jadi pengguna harus terus melakukan simpanan yang lebih ke dalam akaun Tabung Haji demi untuk mencapai matlamat tersebut.

TIP 2 : Mengawasi Tabiat Berbelanja

Jika kita merasakan sewaktu penghujung bulan kita gagal untuk menyimpan duit. Inilah masanya untuk kita memantau dan mengawasi perbelanjaan semasa kita. Yang penting di sini ialah kita perlu menyemak semula ke manakah ianya telah dihabiskan atau dibelanjakan. Adakah ianya cenderung ke arah keperluan atau kehendak semata-mata. Jika ianya berdasarkan kehendak semata-mata, dan seterusnya menyebabkan kita gagal untuk menyimpan. Tabiat tersebut haruslah segera diubah.

TIP 3 : Menulis Rancangan Atau Pelan Perbelanjaan

Ramai yang telah tahu akan konsep ini tetapi masih ramai juga di antara kita yang malas untuk mengamalkannya. Cuba tanya diri kita selama ini, pernahkah kita melakukan pelan perbelanjaan sebelum berbelanja? Ramai di antara kita apabila terima saja duit gaji, perkara pertama yang difikirkan adalah untuk membayar hutang atau liabiliti yang ada. Kemudiannya, bila nampak saja duit yang lebih terus digunakan untuk berbelanja sepuas-puasnya hingga lupa untuk melakukan simpanan. Bagi mengelak perkara ini dari terus terjadi. Sepatutnya kita perlu menulis dan merancang perjalanan perbelanjaan tersebut. Apabila kita menerima duit gaji atau pendapatan bulanan, kita perlulah menulis ke manakah ianya hendak dibelanjakan. Jadi apabila kita tahu akan perjalanan perbelanjaan sudah tentu kita akan tahu arah tuju wang kita tadi dibelanjakan dan digunakan.

TIP 4 : Menyimpan Terlebih Dahulu Sebelum Berbelanja

Konsep perbelanjaan yang betul dan sepatutnya adalah :
Pendapatan - Simpanan = Hutang + Perbelanjaan
Dan bukannya :
Pendapatan - (Hutang + Perbelanjaan) = Simpanan

Maksudnya di sini ialah setiap kali memperolehi gaji bulanan sepatutnya yang diutamakan terlebih dahulu adalah melakukan simpanan kemudian barulah digunakan untuk tujuan pembayaran hutang dan perbelanjaan.
Tetapi malangnya kebanyakkan daripada kita, apabila terima saja duit gaji. Ianya terus digunakan untuk untuk membayar hutang dan berbelanja. Tetapi di dalam melakukan simpanan pulak, ianya dikecualikan. Simpanan akan dilakukan apabila mempunyai lebihan wang. Ini adalah konsep yang salah sebenarnya.

TIP 5 : Perbelanjaan Isi Rumah (Household)

Beli secara borong). Misalnya kalau anda biasa berbelanja RM4 sehari untuk snek dan air bersamaan RM80 sebulan. Belian secara borong mungkin hanya bersamaan RM30 sahaja. Rancang perbelanjaan anda. Beli barang di pasar raya besar (hypermarket) yang menawarkan harga yang lebih murah apabila dibeli dalam kuantiti yang banyak seperti pencuci rambut, sabun dan lain-lain barang keperluan rumah. Buat perbandingan harga sebelum membeli barangan tersebut.

TIP 6 : Kad Kredit

Sebaik-baiknya guna wang tunai untuk mengelakkan terlebih belanja (overspent). Jika ingin digunakan juga selesaikan pembayaran dalam masa 20 hari, iaitu waktu bebas faedah (interest free period). Sekiranya anda mempunyai simpanan seperti simpanan tetap yang memberikan 4% faedah setahun berbanding hutang kad kredit yang dikenakan 18% setahun, lebih baik keluarkan simpanan untuk menyelesaikan hutang.

TIPS 7 : Fikirkanlah Masa Depan!

Seterusnya, jika kita merasakan ilmu pengurusan kewangan dan perancangan perbelanjaan itu tidaklah penting. Kita telah silap. Pengurusan kewangan dan perancangan perbelanjaan merupakan perkara yang harus dipratikkan oleh setiap orang. Sekiranya bukan untuk hari ini ia pastinya mendatangkan manfaat untuk kita di masa hadapan.
Segalanya memerlukan pengurusan kewangan dan perancangan perbelanjaan yang teliti. Jika tanpa kedua-duanya ini, sudah pasti kita tidak akan tahu akan tujuan kewangan kita sebenarnya. Pengurusan kewangan dan perancangan perbelanjaan yang teratur amat penting bagi setiap individu demi menjamin kesejahteraan hidup.

You know how much i spending or using so much more than necessary things, in the past time. So, recent time, Alhamdulillah... i'm more structural and manage well.. even it's a little, but still enough.. syukran2x..

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Friday, July 16, 2010

How Can I Survive for study in these challenges modern life?

Did u know how can i survive for these challenges and modern life that need a high cost exspecially for study journey? The answer is simple. "I will write later"..

Right now, i've been very busy for part time job. Will continue soon...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Book for this semester..

13/7/2010 - 12.47pm.

This semester, as usual, i loan a reference books from my beloved senior for certain subject during the semester. It was book for subject IMS 552 and CTU 553 for this semester, which is yesterday i get it from her. May ALLAH Bless me and her also.. amen..

BizSuccess Learning Process for Study Survival~

Alhamdulillah, last weekend my friend and i have been trained for our own business soon insyaAllah, by working at the promotion lots. My friend which is her name is hidden, just accompany me with grab some experiences involved customers, including educated, non-educated and others.

That's not easy way to get and luckily this is just getting from the learning journal for survival in this journey, which is very expensive and golden opportunity. Alhamdulillah, from that knowledge and experiences, we interested on doing a small range business by partnership scale which is we just prepare a small capital. InsyaAllah, we try to get back our capital and hope for some profit soon. Pray for us!..amen. and support us at the aien gallery ya!.. we'll create one blogsop for BizSuccess!.. :)

Me~ Completed my first Degree by next 2012.

My Friend~ Wanna continue for Master end of this year, insyaAllah)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This journal of study also will be my second reminder after my lecturer itself, because sometime lecturer also doing so many things and didn't always remembering us about what should we do and what we have to completed.

For this early semester and first week of study, we still got an assignment which need to completed and presented within 3weeks,,.. Yeah, i got a time to prepared it.

Presented about : Record Management Journal.
Presented on : xxxxxxxxxx

My first class with my best classmates.

Salam all,

Today, i'll try again to write down my voice to be recorded as a journal into my study life. Today was sweet date that i didn't realize earlier,, which is 07.07.2010,and this is identified when i did editing for my classmates foto shoot just now.. (is that really a photo shoot??.. is just like a randomly activities when the lecturer is not around and not available to attend a class.) But, normally we don't care whether lecturer in front or not, if wanna to snapping and photo shooting we still make it happened.

As early 7.30pm, my classmates (name is hidden), was picked up me at my apartment. Thanks to u my buddy, and at that time i just drink some water and ate 2 spoons of macaroni pasta for break fast. Arrived at university, i do my maghrib prayers at the university surau and back to class as usual. The best thing that i've doing is trying to kept the meals carefully and was continuing my eating after back from class about 1 hours later. That's always in a good condition of the meals for less than 2hours left. That's so fantastic.. weeee~ That's only will be experienced on this journey of learning..

Today suppose be a class will be held for my etnique relation, but the class was cancelled due to the some problem regarding the registration process and ect. The university's surroundings also look so quite, and our class attendance was bad. This is a normal thing that was happened when the first week of the new semester start.

During the waiting time for the lecturer, we've a best moments for photo shooting that it's may create a new mood for us to more hardworking and cooporate within a year 3 new semester, semester 5. Wish all a best of luck and May ALLAH Bless us.

This is part of my experiences during the student life is all about. Luckily, i've no need to waiting for the mr.bus for attend the class. tq friend.

Last but not least i attached one of the pictures that we've snapping.


Monday, July 5, 2010

I've been too long..

Almost 2 months i'm not regularly read an educational book. A bad habit that i've currently.

I am lazy lately can't be deny.. However, i have to seriously change on this bad behaviour and habit today. 2 Years isn't enough if i just playfull around,,,but it's really benefical to me if i optimized all the space and opportunity inside it. Pray for my success.. 2 years more,,,ya.. 2 years more.

This semester subject.


May ALLAH Bless me.. amin.

New Blog..

Salam everyone,

With a unique identity to specialized and differentiate my blog purposes about a creative writting, artwork, and study journey, i create a fantastic and great idea to another blog so that i'll code to other option of writting.

New semester should be start yesterday, for my third year, and semester 5 bachelor degree. It's too faster and now i realize that time is a gold,, even previously i always complain, when i can finished and completed my study???

However, based on the arrangement and timetable schedule process is still in their discussion, so the class is not start yet.. As usual, for the first class is only an introduction of subject and introducing each other between lecturer.

Because we're matured and working people mode of study, we've to be more independent and professional on the process of handling a problem for every new semester start. Even though this is a positive perseption to us, but we need a full of guidances and cares from all the university procedures so that we've to attend class smoothly without any problem. This is because we're still 'student' that have to learn a lot of things according to their course of work for every subject. Likewise, we need an advices from our belove lecturer so that we can build a clear knowledge worker soon after graduated from this university.

This is about my first week of study that always happened to every students exspecially PLK or off campus mode.

Last but not least, i hope that this semester will bring a lot of learning experiences according their methods and clear understanding afterwards on their subject lectured. My ALLAH Bless me on this journey of study. InsyaAllah..

I'm not expect high and perfect on this, but i know i can do better if i have more effort and ditermination on this semester. Wish me a success future undertaking ya everyone,,,.. See you soon on the new blog post!

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