Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to the Reality.. Need to my action.

IMS 602
Group SSR – After Chinese New Year
IS Indv Essay IS in Org – After Chinese New Year

IMS 601
Indv Review ITPM – 21 Feb

IMS 554
30 Terms Information Marketing -IS – 14 Feb
Article Review Info Marketing IS– 14 Feb

IMR 453
Indv Essay – Archieve Management -> prepare back from visit
Present Archive Japan– Today

Just the check list need to my serious action before spend for a vacant. I need to spend so much time for article review soon. InsyaAllah, i'll improve my writting skills too soon. amin.. So, MAY ALLAH BLESS ME..

Malaysia Blogger earn up to RM1Million annually.

Malaysia Blogger earn up to RM1Million annually.

Surprised with those topic?

This article I found last 2 days from 1 short news paper whe at PTAR (My University Library) and I read it when i was visit there which is The Star Newspaper, dated 24th January 2011, Monday, page N41 for segment “View”

I just make a simple review about this matter.
According to that article view, Bloggers and Blog Operators these days are able to check up revenues of up to RM1Million annually according to Berita Harian’s front page report.
Based on daily, bloggers can exploiting their Blogs for business transaction or order placement, earning in average monthly income of RM70, 000. Likewise, the daily highlighted blogger, Mira Abu Bakar whose highest monthly income RM12, 000 in 2008.

Furthermore, she has been operating RedMummy.Com since 2005 (*wah, so long time ago. I never know what is Blog at that time). Her average monthly income revenue of RM2000.
But, she need to responsible at so many things which is one of them, she admitted that she have been declared her side income to the Inland Revenues Board (IRB) now. Before this, she did not know and not realize that she need to do so until she received an audit.

Other than that, for Nuffnang (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd manager’s (Nicholas Chay), revenue for any Blog depend on 2 of below reason;

1. Number of viewer and visitors at a certain period.
2. Popular Blog could earn huge profit because advertisement or product viewing posted.

Therefore, 1 tips here to improve and increase or profit based on this article is to maintain our visitor to keep on reading and view our Web Site or Blog. That’s all the essential element that we’re always neglect it.

My vision of 2011 : Followers and Revenues for 1K by end of this year!.. May I? InsyaALLAH.. because all of u are there to support my Blog!.. and of course you will rewarded too soon.

Latest tips : Tool for Size Measuring Check, PageRank Check.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

How Important Detoxed it is for our body???

It's not about to promoting any additional or nutrition supplement and anythings.. It is just my experiences sharing when i take this product to detoxed tocid from my body. I have taken chlorella and chlorofil, vitamin C. Ok, u all can read before and after I taken those supplements. I don't want to explain what is the product made of, and what the ingredients and whatsoever. But, just want record and share publicly when it work!. Good thing to be share loudly!..

Ok, see the differences and improvements.

I got anemia and fast weak is almost my problem. (*lemah kerana anemia - less red blood cells.)
Tired and pale. (*pucat)
Terrible bad when period pain. (*senggugut teruk)
If too bad can collapsed (*serious. past time always mc when i was in period time)
Skin problem which is too many pimples.

Can feel always healthy.
Feel more energy and not easy weak.
Can stay up until morning with a good health.
Not to bad when I in period time.
More stregth!
Reduce skin problems.

Seriously!.. Did u know that i never post any complain about sick and weak about when i was in a period time!.. and My Mission for this semester is no MC, no absent and no, no, no.. :D

And one more sharing about my boss for my part time job experiences when she taken those supplements to detoxed and naturally release and treat their cancer.. She's also is the person who suggest to me for taken those supplements. And one more an interesting things is that i use my boss member's card for more discount due to control my cost!.. Scroll down...

her's experiences was recorded and shared publicly. and She's the most strong women among others that i have seen.

She build her own business after come back to Malaysia when she was fine. Previously she's the successfull women in her's careers which is she working about more than 10 years if i'm not mistaken around Uk,London and others in overseas. Most of her's experiences she was shared with me during her painfull and drop from her's career.

Most of her collection is the best that i choosen. Easy and sweet to wear it!.. and at reasonable prices!.. Most of shawll also is different from others and so cute!..

This is the product that every morning and i need to ate in an empty stomach. So, as a conclsion we need to know that detoxed tocid from our body is a very essential elements to make sure that our body is healthy at the furure time for long term preservation. I am not promoting on this because i'm not belong to a members card, but, generally we just think about what so many variety fast food, junk food and many flavours with several ingredients. If we are not detoxed it, that so many health problem can accour during the maybe next 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and more. So, think about it!..

I missed Maggie Mee!!..

First of all, i still want to update about juicy Magnolia Sherbet!.. Just now (afternoon) I walked to Giant at 2pm about 5minutes. So, my mission is to bought a Magnolia Sherbet.. But they are not provide now!.. The stock is not available to buy!.. So sad coz I have to ate it and i want to judge whether is it very delicious and yummy or not!.. But they’re not sell it!.. I try to ask all the sales person there, but the answer is that’s just the Magnolia brand product.. So sad!.. So, I can’t update about Magnolia Sherbet Contest!.. Should be try next week maybe at 7e!

Picture by Google.. tq Kuai!..

Some more, I just hungry when almost the whole day today spent at my page or personal blog,So I mixed all those Maggie Mee (*Curry Flavour), and some vegetables into the boiling water!. This is the only fastest way to eat!.. :) huhuh.. Suddently, I have remembered it's about so long time I’m not ate Maggie Mee curry with vegetables and a bit spicy!.. Ate when it was hot!.. Wahhh.. so spicy but delicious ones!!..

This is also credite to

Are u out there feel so hungry after watch all those picture?!.. Same goes to me previously! :) But, no more now..

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nuffnang - Thank You for Another BE!..

I just realized that my study journal was added another BE!.. What so surprised!!.. I am Glad to get it!! and insyaAllah will routinely update this English Blog!.. Now is time for me to focus for the individual assignment (not really, more spent time at Blog :D hehehe) and InsyaALLAH, 8.2.2011 our faculty will bring us (who taken management of archive subject) to the National Archive of Malaysia for doing our research and observation. I'll update and review about it randomly soon with my creative way (if can) which is also i need to professionally reviewed for my individual assignment.

Okay, back talked about BE, i just remembered that I'm not preparing for Sherbet Magnolia Ice Cream Contest anymore..

InsyaALlah, by next weekend i'll joining it!.. Wiiner or Looser is not a problem as long as i participated it and appreciated those BE given!..

For the latest BE, Digi Happy SS was bring a lots of happiness and beautifullness to my Study journal. Normally this Digi Happy SS was come in and stay for about many hours at Another Blog which is as per picture above (click banner picture for view those Blog) .. But, finally BE was created at the other Blog!.. Anyway, tQ so much!!..

Last bt not least I just hope for many BE's as they can rent of their advertisement at my Blog for 2011!.. :) Thank You so much!!.. Thank You Bloggers!!.. Thank You advertisers and Thank You Nuffnang. Dun forget, Thank You readers, silent readers and Visiters!!.. For those who bought the "Item or product" from my advertisement that around my Blog, i'm so thankfull!.. (*bahasa melayu - sesiapa yg beli product ke, item or perkhidmatan dari iklan di blog ini saya sangat berterima kasih!!!.. )

And I hope for another BE which is Milk Deal that provide cut, wash, blow and dry by senior stylish at Damansara Perdana with a reasonable pricess (60% discount!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

TQ Sayang ❤ Nuffy ❤ ~

Welcome again my dearest blogger readers and others,

I am very happy and thankful for Nuffnang achievement that i've got!.. Latest updated from My Artwork - Aien Gallery was my review for my study journal!.. I am so enjoying to update and continue for my next writting and writting. For this blog, i did not expect for the comments more than 10, instead of yes for My Artwork - Aien Gallery. For those artwork blog, i need so many comments so that i'll peasefull and happy to write. Beside that, this blog of my study's movement journal is enough for collected my own wrriting including my voice and thought...

Alexa???.. pu3 xpandai nak check.. tapi, da try search and find this...

rank alexa for Blog Kata Hati Puteri.

This is ranking for my study journal.
This is alexa ranking for My Artwork-Aien Gallery.
That's all, tq.

I am always happy with my choise.

Assalammualaikum to all my readers,

It's been 4 days i am rest from the class, but the assignment is still need to be prepared. For the 4 days also i'm not take a free vacant, instead of that, i have spent my free time for doing a part time job as usual. As lor as its help have studying, doesn't matter for me to do this simple job.

Honestly, i have so many difficulties when i choose to quit a job for study survival, but i still can continuing this schedule with suffering time and more effort to spend, also my parent help me to do so. I am very appreciated with their cooperation!.. I luv both of them.

I am normal human being and i have my own problems and i am happy with my way. Even though i can't explain how hard it is, but Alhamdulillah, with Allah s.w.t. blessing, everythings gonna be okay.

One more thing, i do not care how many people will think negative with my choise, but the reality only GOD will know this is the best way that i have chosen!.. I'll try to find a best solution and formula for improving my way.. amin. May ALLAH Bless everythings that i've did!.. Barakah Allah..

Monday, January 10, 2011

Alhamdulillah..and Thank You ALLAH..

Syukran, Alhamdulillah, i would like to share with all of you out there to understood and learn something about this song. It's good to motivated us even though at the suffer time!.. It bring a lot of happiness and Thankful for anything that u get.

I was so far from you
Yet to me you were always so close
I wandered lost in the dark
I closed my eyes toward the signs
You put in my way
I walked everyday
Further and further away from you
Ooooo Allah, you brought me home
I thank You with every breath I take.

Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah

All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah
Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah.

I never thought about
All the things you have given to me
I never thanked you once
I was too proud to see the truth
And prostrate to you
Until I took the first step
And that’s when you opened the doors for me
Now Allah, I realized what I was missing
By being far from you.

Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah
Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah.

Allah, I wanna thank You
I wanna thank you for all the things that you’ve done
You’ve done for me through all my years I’ve been lost
You guided me from all the ways that were wrong
And did you give me hope

O Allah, I wanna thank you
I wanna thank You for all the things that you’ve done
You’ve done for me through all my years I’ve been lost
You guided me from all the ways that were wrong
I wanna thank You for bringing me home

Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah
Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Before Close my eyes..

First of all, smile and click nuffnang advertisement as per below ya.. :) tq

Assalammualaikummmm all,

This is entry from last night which is i'm not connected with internet wifi while i want to post the new entry...hehehehe...

Online from my room with a Darul Ehsan Wifi is also bring some happiness and sometimes troublesome. Huhuhu.. But, as long as I can online everywhere around my house for free, it’s enough for me. Suddently, I just remember about how so delicious Roti Canai it was. So long time I’m not ate Roti Canai.. :D

I am trying to post something for my Blog while others are busy with their AJL event by watching Tv. But, I choose to sleep, and before that updating something so that I feel so cool before close my eyes.

Erm, I still remembered how my uncle and other people ask about my study and courses details. Firstly, they are asking for my subject quantity and how many creadit hours that I’ve taken already and how many their balance and also how many years that I’ll graduated. Okay, InsyaALLAH, if nothing be happened, and everythings in the good track I’ll completing my study by next 2012, and I’m taking for 39 subject for the 8 semester. (It so long for me but, that is my choise and it take 103 credit hours according their plan. Huh, enough to answer all those Questions.

Today was a new week for the serious lecture class that I need to plan properly!.. I don't want fall down again!.. Whatever was happened, i need to positive always!!.. and I know, that i will in a positive mood everytime now!.. :) Can't wait for the one year balance for my study and i'm sure to appreciate myself with my choise and work hard during the study which is taking 4 years to completing it.

Otherelse, i still waiting for the result of my interview last time.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Attend Class for me easy way and not bring troublesome in the usual time..

G.Evening everybody..

Even though you are a silent readers.. or Blog walking stalker..

I just attending a class to cover for a 2 weeks foward while my friend need to going for a course about 2 weeks. It is only take a titlle hours of my saturday everning and i was enjoying the surroundings. I hope i can spend my time effectively..

At first i'm also scared if the Prof is quite hot and so strict as her role for lecture master's and PHD's class. It's too far compare with us Degree students which is lack of knowledge and experiences compare them as well. But actually, she is very understanding but she never teach a Degree or Diploma students previously. In her's lecture history, this semester is the only one experience for her to teach us. And of course, luckily for me and all the rest classmates to get a good lecturer as herself.

But according to yesterday class I am still remembering that, she told to the whole class "I don't know how to teach Degree's students." This is because she always use her's expert style and discipline to teach high level students. But, we do not care how expert it is, as long as she teach us how to understand this subject, is enough. This is also make me so proud being her's students and very lucky because before her's retirement, we learn something about her's experience and success achievement suring her's career as a lecture and trained by an expert style.

Let me introduce about her to share with all the redears..
HERE and HERE and her's Personal Details read HERE and many more..
What so proud i am become one of her's students.

Back from class, I just work for get an extra pocket money for supporting my balance study about one years more. So, I want advertise here for those people out there around the Giant Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, please do not hesitate to grab a Shawl, Hijab, Scarf and etc from me until tomorrow only ya!.. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

I Like F.O.C - It's about FREE.

Assalammualaikum.... everyoneeeee!.. So many eee's so that so many people. Can I????... hehehe..

This night I'm not going to sleep early. I don't know why, It seem too difficult to close my eyes right now. Suddently, i remember about my Information Marketing for my Course Lecturer said before,which is luckily she's a good person with a positive attitude which is enough spent time for rest and sleep about 5 hours everyday and doing their routine as a students and worker at a previous time. But then we so impressive and said waaaaaaooo... how do you plan all those timetable with sleep??..And now, not because i was tried to copy about her habit and attitude but tonite I decide to practise my mind to think creative and critical in a positive ways by writting Blog. Can I?? This is the only platform for me to critic anybody and get some excersize so that it's about to release my a bit stress elements perhaps :D

Okay, back to the topic. I like F.O.C - which is about my internet connection. Seriously!.. I didn't imagine before until informed by my housemate that have an internet coverage for FREE.. again, FREE from the wifi restaurant nearest our home. What so happy!.. Thanks again!..

This is also seriously make me think twicely (3 times) for choose a broadband for my alternative internet source. Therefore, i still can use what FREE for me as long as it worth for me!..

Okay, hopefully the wifi connection is strong so that it make easier for me to make research, and find many sources from internet and online databases soon. Pray for everythings will make me easy!!.. amin.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Magnolia Sherbet ICE CREAM for DesseRt!..

Magnolia Ice Cream advertisement is always BLING-BLING around my Study Blog that makes me wanna create one entry special for joining the Contest but not now coz I never tried it previously. Even though I’m not winning for any prizes, but at least I was tried and appreciated their contribution. I Hope for others contribution as well.. ❤

I am Ice Cream addicted and I like to ate with Slice of Bread, Muffin, Cakes, Yougurt, Salad and etc. How about u all of you out there? I’m sure u all too. So, by this entry , here I want u all read about what BEST of Magnolia Sherbet. It is a fantastic dessert that I ever seen, (never ate before.. :D) I will bought it later! :D It provide in 4 flavour including Lychee, Mangosteen, Melon and Orange which is definitely I like Orange!!.. How about u all? Let’s try ate it!..

We all love a good serving of ice cream once in a while, but the rich cream also often comes with a post-dessert coma. Have you ever wished that there was an alternative which was just as yummy as ice cream, but without the richness of regular ice cream?

That’s where F&N Magnolia Sherbet comes in. Lift your senses with F&N Magnolia Sherbet – its texture is lighter and smoother than regular ice cream, and contains real fruit pieces/puree – it’s a refreshing pick-me-up like no other!

Available in 4 variants of Lychee, Mangosteen, Melon and Orange, the fruity flavours perk you up without the heaviness of a full-dairy ice cream. It’s perfect for those of us who want to indulge a little every now and then without feeling guilty about it.

Start for a new Episode for the Journey.. Study again..

Come back to School!!!... Yesterday was my first day attend lecture class and everybody is almost in the holiday mood and busy managing their kids especially for the new student intake for primary school. So, we just spent time for the class is almost not a very long time, and just arrange the attendance and registration list according to the system.

It’s too early to think about homework and assignments that makes me still in the enjoying mood and introduction feel. InsyaALLAH, the journey of chase for Degree learning is about to run and grab the knowledge and lecture as fast as I can catch up!..

Most of Off Campus students are matured candidates, so we try to make it easy according to the easiest way!.. Btw, thanks for all the cooperation given from the friends or classmates so that the learning process becoming easier.

One more thing that make me happy is, we will learn another software for this semester which is PHP. I hope I can understood at the end of the semester so that I’ll practice it and enjoying the subject purpose. I am very inquired about what is PHP, Joomla, and etc, so that I will improving my Blogging style and knowledge. Therefore, by doing and learning this subject I hope I will get more better understanding and skills about this Blogging surroundings.

I don’t want to talk much, but then enough for me to reviewing my first week of the lectures and subject that I will taken, I pray for the BLESSING FROM ALLAH S.W.T for the whole 5 months for this semester and for the rest one year for my study balance before I can grad. Amin..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TQ Sayang ❤ Nuffy ❤ ~

Hello Bloggers Out there!!..

First of all, when I login and check my nuffnang updated, but then.. I just wanna wish Tqs for support my alternative Study Blog. This is where my journal written and documented. I just feel what i having faced and learned from my studies and class. I didn't expect that this Blog can achieve a great BE!!..It’s just a daily dairy that can kept all those feelings.. Nothing Special!.. and now, definitely this BE can prooved that it's great rather than my other Blog. Doesn't mean I just ignore that Blog, but I never expect this achievement. Really!!.. Really didn’t expect!..

Anyway, I think study is the best learning process and methods. Even though i got a best result or NOT.. but, i can learn some values whether a lot or a bit. As long as i got something for add my values, that all enough for my learning journey. InsyaALLAH, I’ll pass all the subject in this courses as long as I follow the schedule and rules, I’ll grad for one years and more. And I’ll not stop for the writing for this blog even though I completed my study.

However, Thank You so much!!.. I got another BE for this journal Blog. My thought and voice for every single thing about my daily feeling during this journey is REWARDED!!!..Yeahhh! Thanks Bloggers!.. Thanks Silent Readers!!,.. Thanks Nuffy!!.. Thanks Celcom, Thanks Magnolia Ice Cream!!!.. Thanks Guys!!..

With Love,

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sometimes we can't expect the Opportunities or Problem..

It's almost a long time that I quite from regularly updating my Blog especially this Blog and another alternative writting Blog. It seem that I need to improve and keep on update my Blog because what?

I just got one BE for this Blog. Never qualified to get the BE previously for this blog, but now get some improvement..
So, need to keep it up!

Anyway, we can't assume or expect the opportunities and challenges towards our future. Just get ready and be positive always!..

That's all.. I have no idea.

Study is almost in the corner, BUT... fullstop. g.bye!.. see u soon for the next entry.