Monday, September 27, 2010

Assiiigggggnnnmmmeeennt and Fiiiiiinnnnaaalll Prooooojjjjecct Dayyyyy..

What so bussiiiiieeest sampaikan topic today look like so what? busy lah!.. I am fine but still cough, so allergic with cat and yesterday was raining went and back from class and luckily i'm not weak and got fever!.. Alhamdulillah.. But, bussiiiesst and cough makes me take some water and ate carbohidrat so that i am fine!!.. that's mean, i'm not going to fasting this whole day!.. hehe ;)

I thought that i would like to such completing all my assignment and final project today!!!!.. rase nak compile semua!!.. try to completing even i knoe so many things yg xcukup lagi according to their requirements from group members.. Coz i think that time is so expensive and soooooooo faster!!!!.. I scared for the final exam that need to look into serious mode!!!!.. If i am so genius and brilliant!!!..??? (kalo la aku cerdikkk...erm, tak baikkk!..syukur..) But, thanks ALLAH, i am able to learned and absorb some of the lecture.. Alhamdulillah.. So, today, i'll try to doing and completing my part beside give my hand to help any weaknesses from other members need because of time and busiiiiieeessst as well..

K, wish me luck okay!!!!!.. I want brighten up my parents heart!!!.. I want achieve my good dreams!!!.. 2 years more!!!.. yeahhh!

before got "hidayah Allah.." hehee..

but now, i knoe what i should do first and when need to work hard on it!..

Friday, September 24, 2010

Test Multimedia for Information Professional is past!..

Assalammualaikum to all my silent readers and blog walkers for the most...

Alhamdulillah and yay!!.. I am happy coz i've going through and sit for my writting test after have been completed Lab Test previously!.. not 1 test, but 2 test TODAY! at the same time because of separately by different part of questions according to the time based before and after maghrib. Therefore, so cool!!! even tough my answers is such a "entah ape2x tah - goreng" but, i feel more cool!.. 1 test have been past!.. and tomorrow waiting for another paper for mid term test!..

Managing Record in Organization, i hope i'll draw up a right answers tomorrow!.. I just try all my best even so many notes to read. I've not read at all completely and understandable.. Maybe at the lecture class attended, i'll understand.. but after a while, maybe i'll dream off, sleep, play, eat, etc and I WILL FORGET!.. InsyaAllah, i'll try my best!!.. Ya Allah, May Bless me.. :)

Okay, since i am listening my online, so i feel so cool.. But, in my heart, nobody know (bitten) how hard it is.. Because of tomorrow's mid term!.. I am thanks to Allah because give me a time independence.. Alhamdulillah.

Thank to for contributing for all my pictures in this entry..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time is Gold..

Time is Gold..
It's expensive..
It's so faster!..
Can't wait people who late,
It's our job to chase time comes to us!..
Run together with time..
So that we can achieve what we've dream..
Can I do that???
I hope so..
May ALLAH Bless me..

Break Fast at Class.. 13 Syawal 1431 H.

Assalammualaikum all,
We're now at 13 Syawal 1431.. So, dear friend, plz grab the opportunities to "berpuasa sunat 6 di bulan syawal" "jom puasa 6".. that's only given once every year... But, we've not promises to meets again this barakah Syawal next time preciously.. So dear all my silent readers, followers and blog walkers, plz take the advantages that Allah s.w.t have given to us..

Today, i was break fast at Class when i have to attend a lecture class at evening until early night.. With a peacefull and nice evening, we're just break our fasting with cute and sweet cookies from one of our classmates.. Thank You dear for the lovely biscuit and cookies.. We love it!.. Sampai kan bekas cookies tu menjadi cookies centre bergerak".. and lecture pun smile.. So sweet.. :)

That's the sweet memory and part of the challenges of study!.. I am looking for the sweet memory for the rest of our study moments for only one and half year more.. So yabedabedu.. Can't wait for the graduation!.. ;)

But, before the ending of my degree stories and get a new experiences out there, we've to face again for this friday test and saturday mid term exam!.. Chayok to all!!.. But plz pu3 u've to think +ve and grab the chance that have given to u!!!.. May Allah Blessssssss... amin..

G.Luck to all!!!.. Let's study!..

Waiting for.. and looking for ->>>>>


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Journey isn't a destination..

That's too long..
The journey that i've chosen,
Once i decide to going trough,
I knoe that's a tough journey and way..
It's not a destination.
It's not an easy way..
To be ready with a stregth.
May ALLAH Bless this journey..


My hardware said : Just wanna say " Frustrated!"..

Kenapa la i baik sgt nie? Chance dah ade.. Bole i biarkan!.. Blank on the paper!!!.. It's Critical!!!...
Hopefully, it'll back up later!..

Geram sgt.. look like i wanna eat my laptop!.. huhuhuhuhuhu.. :'( huhu.. But i'm not too anger to eat laptop :D.

My Software said : It's okay. U're not feeling well at that time.. Maybe unstable and better make it blank. Pray a lot for back up soon u'll do better and great!..InsyaAllah.. U've other chances soon.. amen..

Myself : Ok, it's fine!.. ^_^

Monday, September 20, 2010

❤Test tomorrow..❤

May ALLAH Bless my answers tomorrow.. amen. Pls read notes now!!.. :D It's not about the music notes okay.. it's not love note as well.. weheheheu.. just to reduce my stress feel that makes me wanna cry.. But, can't.. Okay, dun waste ur time okay!?.. hehehe...

So, without waste my time, i plan to study and stay back tonite before 12am.. hehehe.. i afraid to stay up until midnight and morning.. but, plan to wake up early!..
However, still got comment, "But, u still update ur blog and online? " Some people said. "Hello friend, I'm update my blog and online together with listening my music of heart ( because it can reduce my stress and enjoying or colouring my study world!.. "

Finally, study smart key!.. For those who will sit for any test or exam, whether mid term, final exam for my MSU friends, All the Best!..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Got Test on Tuesday..

Really??.. Oh no!.. I tak study lagi nie. ^_^ I hope i'll answer well.. amen..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm always Thankful to Allah s.w.t..

Just wanna say that I'm always Thankfull to Allah s.w.t for the destiny and test that given to me because of the thanks, we'll get more. InsyaAllah.. ^_^

My article for Triod was rejected!..


I've been here!!.. puteri active back after connected with network stremiyx.. Doesn't mean i dun want take a broadband as an other alternative, but.. the weakness and disadvantages is one the reason why i dun want used and choose it! :D Sorry broadband!.. If they provide a good service and enough internet and network connection, but then i'll bought 1 broadband probably.

Alhamdulillah, safely arrived at Shah Alam on last thursday and busy with reading and preparing my assignment that never touch during the Hari Raya Vacation.. heheh.. teruk betul lah!.. Padan muke u!.. But, i was enjoy during the Hari Raya!.. but, can't got duit raya lah :D

Ok, back to the topic. My article for triod was rejected!.. Ya lah!.. i just copied my article from my ms.word to the triod page.. Heheh.. should be type again and posted!.. That's also doesn't mean accepted. Need their confirmation before accepted, and then they will publish ur article to the public as a reference to students, researchers, teachers, etc.. Bile mau prepare ni? Takpe, ade mase i prepare poem..:D ngee..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Alhamdulillah, pray for safely journey..

Picture by mr.googlie..

Assalammualaikum all, include my blogwalkers and silent readers,

My last day isn't tomorrow.. My last class for tomorrow was cancelled.. So, my true last day before Aidilfitri brake was today. Have been sit for test and it's over today for one paper.. will be waiting after raya. Hope i will not fly because of raya.. I'm not really eager to celebrate this festival, but.. thankful by a simple preparation and celebration beside on always remember in everyday zikrullah..

Tadi pu3 ada bace satu newspaper online.. wawawa.. so scary in these days criminal cases.. Let's read together :

So, for people, friends, sisters, brothers and whatsoever, please, please and please be carefull, especially when killing is the common scary activities by robbery nowadays.. For those who alone in the journey of going back to hometown, please be carefull. Protect urself by a lot of preparation, information to pretend urself and always be aware!.. To all muslims, banyakkan baca Ayat Qursi selepas solat, dlm perjalanan mahupun utk memulakan sesuatu perkara.. Penjenayah tak mengira siapa anda, jantina mahupun status.. Be carefull all.. doa banyak2x dan minta hindarilah terjadi pada ahli kelaurga kita, amin..

Also picture from googlie

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This Saturday still got Class?

Gamba tajaan blog url diatas.. pu3 gunakan as search engine for find it.

Salam Ramadhan to all muslims,

We are almost near to Aidilfitri about 7 days more. Ade seminggu lagi nie.. So faster..

Last time, I've told that i wanna going back to hometown for hari raya holiday by this saturday morning.. But, when i realize, i still got one day replacement class on this saturday.. hoho.. Therefore, postpone balik kampung saturday night.. Nasib baik bukan balik naik bas..

Last but not least, pu3 dapat e-card dari sorg staff CIMB nie yg kunon2xnye adik comelku.. ngeh3x.. nak nengok?.. joom click
: E-Card I do love it bro.. kak pu3 suke dik.. macih.

What's Raya means to Puteri?

Huhuhu.. it's more to express my feelings right now..

Hari Raya will be celebrate about a week more. For pu3, this raya is not really a free time for her to weast time, play around, laugh, and get a honeymoon time. However, she have to cover back her study time during her weak and not really well moments previously on study, for final exam, to completed and start some of her assignment, and to prepare for her presentation, essay and etc dateline by after raya..

Maybe, she need to say sorry for those that she may not joint for any "jalan-jalan raya" and maybe some moments that she can't attend you when u come to her's house. Maybe that time she's terrible tired for all those assignment.

Pu3 also take an opprtunity for all their blog visitors, blog followers, silent readers and etc to wish her for doing a best effort for her final and other group or individual task. Last but not least, plz keep visiting her blog during she's not around to take a good care of her's blog. She know that all people out there is her's good readers, so keep in touch for her entry soon!.. ;) tata.. camat ari rayeee!!...

I got Test on Friday..Simple Entry.

Erm,.. first of all, it's too early to wish Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all of u out there,
But, need to wish early coz i will offline by this weekend..
This saturday, i'll be back to my home town,
For raya holiday..

Before that,
I got a lab test on this friday.
Sgt takut..but, i'll try to do my best!
Doakan pu3 ya kawan2x..