Saturday, November 13, 2010

Next Semester subject.

Semester 6 subject:

1. Information Marketing for Information System Department
2. Information System Analysis for Information Professional 1 (SA1)
3. Information Technology Project Management (ITPM)
4. Managing Archives
5. Documenting Oral History

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to build Traffic "Pecah"?

Building Traffic to Your Web Site

• Obtain and register a domain name
• Make your site search-engine-friendly
• Include a meta tag in your store’s home page
• Use Web site traffic data analysis software
• Provide quality, keyword-rich content

Exam is Over..

Gamba tajaan

Alhamdulillah, my exam week was smoothly run, and is over now. So, now is time for semester brake that I need to fulfilled with a beneficial things, and with appropriate way. From deep in my heart dun want to waste my vacant with none, instead I want to spend my semester brake with part time job and freelance offer. Cost, and cost and costed.. Everythings need a work hard towards the mission. My health is fine currently, but sometimes when I was ‘engaged’ with ‘SERIOUS TIME’ every month suddenly I was collapsed, and sick. Tired badly is almost the main problem happened.

Dun want talk about the bad stories, I just want to pray that everything was fine and this semester brake bring a lots of good things inside it. Before I end this entry, I just want to share about myself. Okay, everyone have their own characteristics right? So, same goes with me. I am friendly but sometimes I am not very talkative at all. I can be quite, and I can be noise. So, for those who realize why I am so quite, and look like that I don’t want to communicate with them, please be understand that I am what I am. Don’t worry because nothing to be hearted okay.
So, my hope and pray for the examination that have been past, I can perform and improved.

Last but not least, I can get bling2x A’s as much as I can. Likewise, May ALLAH brings a lot of good heart and things to my lecturers and examiners. May ALLAH Bless them so that I can get a good result and I am too for the ‘barakah’ semester brake. I love to finish my studies and can’t wait to face the working world.

Therefore, I do love myself and I’ve proud to be myself.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exam Mood - Entry

Another 2 paper for this semester final exam. Hope will perform well. Amin.. Hopefully wanna gets result with bling2x A. Amin..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Multimedia Project Development Cycle.

Multimedia Project Development Cycle

It is important to keep in mind that good multimedia projects don’t happen by accident. There are many steps along the way that help to ensure a quality presentation.

Dr. Charles Friesen, Director of Instructional Technology for Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln,Nebraska, has developed the Multimedia Project Development Cycle to rovide insight into the interactive process students and teachers engage in while creating multimedia.

Step 1—Define the project: This initial step involves determining the boundaries of the project as well as identifying how the project relates to the overall curriculum. Students should be encouraged to select topics that are neither too broad nor too narrow in focus. It is also important that students learn to focus on the audience that will be receiving the information.

Step 2—Locate resources: In this phase, students and teachers identify traditional and unconventional sources of information about their topic. These may include resource CDs, Web sites, encyclopedias, magazines, journals, video tapes, audio tapes, and books.

Step 3—Organize resources: Once resources have been collected, students will need to
spend some time selecting the notes, data, computer files, and Web links they will include in their project. It is important to guide students to select project resources based on the informational value they will add, and not simply because they are glitzy or look cool.

Step 4—Design the project: At this point, students are ready to produce a storyboard or flowchart of their project. They can create an outline, draw a diagram, or use a software program such as Inspiration to organize their ideas.

Step 5—Develop the project: In this step, students will design their project using digital media tools such as video, sound, graphics, text, and animation.

Step 6—Present the project: This phase of the project is very important, but is often
overlooked. Students take great pride in projects they create. Therefore, it is important that they be allowed to present their project to audiences such as their class, their family, or other members of the community.

Step 7—Revise the project: Based on the feedback received from instructors and peers,
students will review their project and make changes to improve it. In the process, students will understand how successful they were in communicating with their audience.

Step 8—Publish the project: In this final step, students will save their work to a Web site, CD, videotape, or other resource that can be accessed by others. Building a library of multimedia projects is also very valuable to the instructor as it provides additional resources and examples for future students.

Resource :,

Pening nyer.. Assignment oh Assignment..

Ok, almost so many hours using a laptop, i feel a bit #$%& (pening and sakit mate..).. So, memandangkan azan dah kedengaran, mari kita solat asar.. Almost 4.24pm.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What so Pleasure Moments for the second last year - Hari Raya Celebration during our study.

This year is the best year to each of our "convoi group - not convo:D" for aidilfitri, syawal 1431. Convo Group will be another one and half years more!.. This is the first time and never doing for us at previous year!.. This is the only one and will be next year for Aidilfitri Celebration. If this year we just spend for 5 house, but we'll add more house will be visiting for the next year. InsyaAllah.. me too!... Next year i'll participated to serve them as well!.. That's because next year will be the last raya that we'll celebrate during the study moments!.. What so pleasure it was!.. Actually, what we get from this program??.. Well, we're enjoy together with a forgive and forgotten prinsiple... 0-0

Can't wait for completing about one and half years soon!.. Wish me best of luck!!..

Read more refer to : Aien Gallery.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Assiiigggggnnnmmmeeennt and Fiiiiiinnnnaaalll Prooooojjjjecct Dayyyyy..

What so bussiiiiieeest sampaikan topic today look like so what? busy lah!.. I am fine but still cough, so allergic with cat and yesterday was raining went and back from class and luckily i'm not weak and got fever!.. Alhamdulillah.. But, bussiiiesst and cough makes me take some water and ate carbohidrat so that i am fine!!.. that's mean, i'm not going to fasting this whole day!.. hehe ;)

I thought that i would like to such completing all my assignment and final project today!!!!.. rase nak compile semua!!.. try to completing even i knoe so many things yg xcukup lagi according to their requirements from group members.. Coz i think that time is so expensive and soooooooo faster!!!!.. I scared for the final exam that need to look into serious mode!!!!.. If i am so genius and brilliant!!!..??? (kalo la aku cerdikkk...erm, tak baikkk!..syukur..) But, thanks ALLAH, i am able to learned and absorb some of the lecture.. Alhamdulillah.. So, today, i'll try to doing and completing my part beside give my hand to help any weaknesses from other members need because of time and busiiiiieeessst as well..

K, wish me luck okay!!!!!.. I want brighten up my parents heart!!!.. I want achieve my good dreams!!!.. 2 years more!!!.. yeahhh!

before got "hidayah Allah.." hehee..

but now, i knoe what i should do first and when need to work hard on it!..

Friday, September 24, 2010

Test Multimedia for Information Professional is past!..

Assalammualaikum to all my silent readers and blog walkers for the most...

Alhamdulillah and yay!!.. I am happy coz i've going through and sit for my writting test after have been completed Lab Test previously!.. not 1 test, but 2 test TODAY! at the same time because of separately by different part of questions according to the time based before and after maghrib. Therefore, so cool!!! even tough my answers is such a "entah ape2x tah - goreng" but, i feel more cool!.. 1 test have been past!.. and tomorrow waiting for another paper for mid term test!..

Managing Record in Organization, i hope i'll draw up a right answers tomorrow!.. I just try all my best even so many notes to read. I've not read at all completely and understandable.. Maybe at the lecture class attended, i'll understand.. but after a while, maybe i'll dream off, sleep, play, eat, etc and I WILL FORGET!.. InsyaAllah, i'll try my best!!.. Ya Allah, May Bless me.. :)

Okay, since i am listening my online, so i feel so cool.. But, in my heart, nobody know (bitten) how hard it is.. Because of tomorrow's mid term!.. I am thanks to Allah because give me a time independence.. Alhamdulillah.

Thank to for contributing for all my pictures in this entry..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time is Gold..

Time is Gold..
It's expensive..
It's so faster!..
Can't wait people who late,
It's our job to chase time comes to us!..
Run together with time..
So that we can achieve what we've dream..
Can I do that???
I hope so..
May ALLAH Bless me..

Break Fast at Class.. 13 Syawal 1431 H.

Assalammualaikum all,
We're now at 13 Syawal 1431.. So, dear friend, plz grab the opportunities to "berpuasa sunat 6 di bulan syawal" "jom puasa 6".. that's only given once every year... But, we've not promises to meets again this barakah Syawal next time preciously.. So dear all my silent readers, followers and blog walkers, plz take the advantages that Allah s.w.t have given to us..

Today, i was break fast at Class when i have to attend a lecture class at evening until early night.. With a peacefull and nice evening, we're just break our fasting with cute and sweet cookies from one of our classmates.. Thank You dear for the lovely biscuit and cookies.. We love it!.. Sampai kan bekas cookies tu menjadi cookies centre bergerak".. and lecture pun smile.. So sweet.. :)

That's the sweet memory and part of the challenges of study!.. I am looking for the sweet memory for the rest of our study moments for only one and half year more.. So yabedabedu.. Can't wait for the graduation!.. ;)

But, before the ending of my degree stories and get a new experiences out there, we've to face again for this friday test and saturday mid term exam!.. Chayok to all!!.. But plz pu3 u've to think +ve and grab the chance that have given to u!!!.. May Allah Blessssssss... amin..

G.Luck to all!!!.. Let's study!..

Waiting for.. and looking for ->>>>>


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Journey isn't a destination..

That's too long..
The journey that i've chosen,
Once i decide to going trough,
I knoe that's a tough journey and way..
It's not a destination.
It's not an easy way..
To be ready with a stregth.
May ALLAH Bless this journey..


My hardware said : Just wanna say " Frustrated!"..

Kenapa la i baik sgt nie? Chance dah ade.. Bole i biarkan!.. Blank on the paper!!!.. It's Critical!!!...
Hopefully, it'll back up later!..

Geram sgt.. look like i wanna eat my laptop!.. huhuhuhuhuhu.. :'( huhu.. But i'm not too anger to eat laptop :D.

My Software said : It's okay. U're not feeling well at that time.. Maybe unstable and better make it blank. Pray a lot for back up soon u'll do better and great!..InsyaAllah.. U've other chances soon.. amen..

Myself : Ok, it's fine!.. ^_^

Monday, September 20, 2010

❤Test tomorrow..❤

May ALLAH Bless my answers tomorrow.. amen. Pls read notes now!!.. :D It's not about the music notes okay.. it's not love note as well.. weheheheu.. just to reduce my stress feel that makes me wanna cry.. But, can't.. Okay, dun waste ur time okay!?.. hehehe...

So, without waste my time, i plan to study and stay back tonite before 12am.. hehehe.. i afraid to stay up until midnight and morning.. but, plan to wake up early!..
However, still got comment, "But, u still update ur blog and online? " Some people said. "Hello friend, I'm update my blog and online together with listening my music of heart ( because it can reduce my stress and enjoying or colouring my study world!.. "

Finally, study smart key!.. For those who will sit for any test or exam, whether mid term, final exam for my MSU friends, All the Best!..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Got Test on Tuesday..

Really??.. Oh no!.. I tak study lagi nie. ^_^ I hope i'll answer well.. amen..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm always Thankful to Allah s.w.t..

Just wanna say that I'm always Thankfull to Allah s.w.t for the destiny and test that given to me because of the thanks, we'll get more. InsyaAllah.. ^_^

My article for Triod was rejected!..


I've been here!!.. puteri active back after connected with network stremiyx.. Doesn't mean i dun want take a broadband as an other alternative, but.. the weakness and disadvantages is one the reason why i dun want used and choose it! :D Sorry broadband!.. If they provide a good service and enough internet and network connection, but then i'll bought 1 broadband probably.

Alhamdulillah, safely arrived at Shah Alam on last thursday and busy with reading and preparing my assignment that never touch during the Hari Raya Vacation.. heheh.. teruk betul lah!.. Padan muke u!.. But, i was enjoy during the Hari Raya!.. but, can't got duit raya lah :D

Ok, back to the topic. My article for triod was rejected!.. Ya lah!.. i just copied my article from my ms.word to the triod page.. Heheh.. should be type again and posted!.. That's also doesn't mean accepted. Need their confirmation before accepted, and then they will publish ur article to the public as a reference to students, researchers, teachers, etc.. Bile mau prepare ni? Takpe, ade mase i prepare poem..:D ngee..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Alhamdulillah, pray for safely journey..

Picture by mr.googlie..

Assalammualaikum all, include my blogwalkers and silent readers,

My last day isn't tomorrow.. My last class for tomorrow was cancelled.. So, my true last day before Aidilfitri brake was today. Have been sit for test and it's over today for one paper.. will be waiting after raya. Hope i will not fly because of raya.. I'm not really eager to celebrate this festival, but.. thankful by a simple preparation and celebration beside on always remember in everyday zikrullah..

Tadi pu3 ada bace satu newspaper online.. wawawa.. so scary in these days criminal cases.. Let's read together :

So, for people, friends, sisters, brothers and whatsoever, please, please and please be carefull, especially when killing is the common scary activities by robbery nowadays.. For those who alone in the journey of going back to hometown, please be carefull. Protect urself by a lot of preparation, information to pretend urself and always be aware!.. To all muslims, banyakkan baca Ayat Qursi selepas solat, dlm perjalanan mahupun utk memulakan sesuatu perkara.. Penjenayah tak mengira siapa anda, jantina mahupun status.. Be carefull all.. doa banyak2x dan minta hindarilah terjadi pada ahli kelaurga kita, amin..

Also picture from googlie

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This Saturday still got Class?

Gamba tajaan blog url diatas.. pu3 gunakan as search engine for find it.

Salam Ramadhan to all muslims,

We are almost near to Aidilfitri about 7 days more. Ade seminggu lagi nie.. So faster..

Last time, I've told that i wanna going back to hometown for hari raya holiday by this saturday morning.. But, when i realize, i still got one day replacement class on this saturday.. hoho.. Therefore, postpone balik kampung saturday night.. Nasib baik bukan balik naik bas..

Last but not least, pu3 dapat e-card dari sorg staff CIMB nie yg kunon2xnye adik comelku.. ngeh3x.. nak nengok?.. joom click
: E-Card I do love it bro.. kak pu3 suke dik.. macih.

What's Raya means to Puteri?

Huhuhu.. it's more to express my feelings right now..

Hari Raya will be celebrate about a week more. For pu3, this raya is not really a free time for her to weast time, play around, laugh, and get a honeymoon time. However, she have to cover back her study time during her weak and not really well moments previously on study, for final exam, to completed and start some of her assignment, and to prepare for her presentation, essay and etc dateline by after raya..

Maybe, she need to say sorry for those that she may not joint for any "jalan-jalan raya" and maybe some moments that she can't attend you when u come to her's house. Maybe that time she's terrible tired for all those assignment.

Pu3 also take an opprtunity for all their blog visitors, blog followers, silent readers and etc to wish her for doing a best effort for her final and other group or individual task. Last but not least, plz keep visiting her blog during she's not around to take a good care of her's blog. She know that all people out there is her's good readers, so keep in touch for her entry soon!.. ;) tata.. camat ari rayeee!!...

I got Test on Friday..Simple Entry.

Erm,.. first of all, it's too early to wish Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all of u out there,
But, need to wish early coz i will offline by this weekend..
This saturday, i'll be back to my home town,
For raya holiday..

Before that,
I got a lab test on this friday.
Sgt takut..but, i'll try to do my best!
Doakan pu3 ya kawan2x..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Misuses of Credit Card..

Let's share with people out there for my group project assignment about the misuses of credit card instead credit card is an advantage for us to bring it easily and bought modern type of business transaction.


Credit card has become so entrenched in today’s modern living that most people have at least one credit card. The credit card industry is booming and becoming very competitive. Banks are aggressively promoting their credit cards by offering attractive promotions for credit cards with endless benefits and discounts. With the ease of applying and obtaining a credit card more and more people using credit cards for purchases than cash.

Nevertheless, the question to ask is “Credit Card – Is it a convenient tool or a debt trap for a consumer?”

With a credit card, one does not need to carry large amounts of cash nor would one be likely to end up in an embarrassing situation where you do not have sufficient cash to pay for your purchase. The public however must remember that using a credit card to buy carries and obligation to pay. Therefore, credit cardholders should always ensure that all transactions charged to the card are within one’s capacity to repay when due.


This report is about the abuse of credit cards among Malaysians. In this generation, most of people tend to use credit card for their luxurious lifestyle. Through the observation, discovered that majority numbers of peoples preferred using credit card rather than cash especially in shopping complex and most of the place offers credit card service.

Everything has pro and cons, so does credit cards. For the cons of credit cards, sometime people overlook whereby they use the credit cards for their luxurious lifestyle. The people begins to regret with their obstructive attitude when comes at the time when they struggle paying their monthly bills.


The objectives of this report are to:
1.2.1. To investigate the purpose of using credit cards
1.2.2. To find out the amount they spent on their credit card each time
1.2.3. To find out the total amount of money spent to pay for credit card bills
1.2.4. To identify causes of misused credit cards
1.2.5. To recommend solutions to the problems of credit card abuse


In order to determine why people misuse the credit card this report takes into consideration the following factor:

1.3.1. To make people realize the effects of the abuse of credit cards.
Most of the people do realize the effect of the credit cards but still they use it. Our finding will show what we mean here.

1.3.2. Total numbers of people who have become bankrupt because of credit cards
Based on statistics below, provided from Bank Negara Malaysia from the year 2001 until 2005, total credit card bankruptcies increased tremendously (Figure 1).
By 2009, this figure has already soared very-very much higher.
Credit Card Bankruptcies (Million)

Year Credit Card Bankruptcies Amount Involved (RM million) Total Bankruptcies % of Credit card Bankruptcies to Total

2001 952 23.3 11,685 8.1

2002 1,117 28.2 12,268 9.1

2003 1,152 33 12,351 9.3

2004 1,397 38.7 16,251 8.6

2005 1,479 44.4 15,868 9.3

Total 6,097 167.6 68,423 8.88

Noted: Refers to individuals declared bankrupt
Source: Bank Negara Malaysia


The information for this report was obtained through survey in which 64 questionnaires were distributed to PLK students IS 221 of UiTM Shah Alam which are working and to the private and government sector worker. The questionnaire was distributed randomly.

Observation were also conducted by looking or observed in shopping complex to know total percentage of people using credit cards to pay their shopping bills rather than cash.

1.4.1. Questionnaire
The questionnaire was dividing into 10 questions consist of personal information of the respondent. This questionnaire also require respondent to answer why they use credit cards.

1.4.2. Observation
The observation was done at Jusco IOI Puchong which took 1 hour at two different counter and level to observe the percentage of people using credit cards when pay their expenses. During that period, total of 25 people been observed. The main objective of this observation is to enhance our statement in misusing credit cards among Malaysians.


Data obtained from the questionnaire survey and observation were collected and analyzed. Frequency counts and percentages of the data were computed using the SPSS system.

A discussion of the findings of the study is presented in the next section.


This section will present the findings of the survey.

2.1 Questionnaire Response

A questionnaire was distributed randomly to the students at every faculty in UiTM. A total of 64 respondents took the trouble to fill in the questionnaire. The following is the discussion on the findings:

2.1.1 Of the 64 respondents who answered the questionnaire, 57% (37 respondents) of the respondents were female while the rest, 43% (27 respondents) were male.

2.1.2. In response to the question on the credit card holder, it was found that 23.8%% (16 respondents) were professional, 52.4% (34 respondents) were semi professional, 23.8% (14 respondents) were others which is including clerical position, insurance agents, businessperson and etc.

2.1.3 Out of 64 respondents, 68.75% (44 respondents) owned credit card whereby 31.25% (20 respondents) did not owned a credit card.

2.1.4. From the below chart, 29% (18 respondents) used their credit cards to pay bills and petrol followed by 24% (15 respondents) which used their credit cards for their travelling expenses, 22% (14 respondents) which used their credit cards for shopping, 18% (11 respondents) and only 7% (4 respondents) used their credit cards for other purpose.

2.1.5. From the response of the 44 respondents who owned credit cards, 56.81% (25 respondents) pay the minimum amount of payment for their credit cards, 22.72% (10 respondents) pay the total amount of bills and the other 20.45% (9 respondents) pay others amount of payment depend on cash and some 10% to 20% more than minimum payment.

2.1.6. Total of 44 respondents use credit cards, 40.91% (18 respondents) used RM201-RM500 monthly. This followed by 27.27% (12 respondents) used RM101-RM200, 22.72% (10 respondents) used below RM100 and 9.09% (4 respondents) used their credit cards above RM501 monthly.

2.1.7. Of the 64 respondents who answered the questionnaire, 31% (19 respondents) suggest use only cash to avoid the problem of credit card abuse among respondents, 29% (18 respondents) recommend that never own credit card as a solution, 15% (9 respondents) suggest the use of debit card.

2.1.8. It was found that majority of respondents used credit cards for their bills payment or petrol, travel and shopping which lead to the credit card abuse. Even though they realize that using cash is the best way and they should never own credit cards to avoid them to misuse their credit cards.

2.2. Observation
An Observation has been done on 21st March 2009 at Jusco IOI Puchong. This observation was done at 2 different counters and level at the same time which only took 1 hour (2pm until 3pm).

2.2.1. Total respondent using credit card rather than cash to pay their shopping expenses.
From the observation, found that majority people use their credit cards to pay their shopping expenses. For both Counter 4 and Counter 5, total 0f 53.85% (7 people) and 66.67% (8 people) of people use their credit cards instead of only 46.15% (6 people) and 33.33% (4 people) use cash to pay.

2.2.2. Based on the observation, we found that 68% of people using their credit cards to pay their shopping expenses instead of cash which only 42%.


Based on the findings of the study, it can be concluded that most of the respondent aware of Credit Cards abuse if they misuse it. Many of the respondents or people agreed that avoiding the misuse of credit card is only by using cash, if possible try not to own a credit cards and if they anxious of their safety wise in keeping cash, debit card is one of the solution.

Even though the purpose of people own credit card actually for emergency purpose but based on our research, found that more than 60 percent of respondents use their credit card for bills payment and petrol, travel and shopping purposes. Unintentionally by using their credit card for those purposes, they may abuse the usage of credit cards.

From this research, through our observation, the percentage of bankruptcies increases yearly and it mostly due to abuse of credit cards whereby in this century this credit cards have been use for materialistic purposes and not for emergency purpose.

In conclusion, in this century the abuse of credit cards is increasing tremendously yearly, consequently we think that credit card is not necessary to be used.


It is the recommendation of this study that the following proposal be implemented:

4.1. Banks should tighten their guidelines/policy in the place on granting of credit card to customers and use leading edge technology tool and techniques, which include bureau checking and other credit verifications before an application is approved.

4.2. Customers who use credit cards need to use them wisely and prudently.

4.3. People should learn to develop the habit of paying bills when due without incurring late charges or interest.

4.4. People must train themselves to avoid using credit cards or apply for it.

Mood : Study..

It's almost near to mid term after Raya. and Final on Oct.. Huhuh.. But, why i am so lazy lately. just open my book and i'll start dreaming and zzz.. Study Smart Okay! :p

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Firewall and Virus Protection.


The ultimate goal of this subject is to expose the information about the virus infection and firewall including history of the virus, who found them, categories and types of viruses, how it’s spread, what virus can do, symptoms of infection, how is virus looks like and how to avoid virus infection .
As a result from this report, readers who read this report will gain a valuable knowledge in determine the virus symptom and will know how to protect the personal computer (either desktop or laptop) from the virus intrusion.

Malware, destructive, propagate, virus, worm, Trojan, multipartite, boot sector, cloning, spyware.


Computer viruses are major nuisance and cause huge amounts of damage. They delete the files, important data, programs or confidential emails from user computers and they install a program which allows hackers, spammers attacks to the infected machine. And crucially, besides having done it its damage, the virus then attempts to copy itself to other computers via email or via victims own network. This copying or cloning are defines the program as a true virus.

Viruses have “evolved'' over the years due to efforts by their authors to make the code more difficult to detect, disassemble, and destroy. This evolution has been especially apparent in the IBM PC viruses; since there are more distinct viruses known for the DOS operating system than any other.

Meanwhile Firewall is an electronic filter that allow computer users to block communication over the internet from the virus attacks. It’s a utility that detects and protects a personal computer and its data from unauthorized intrusions. Firewall constantly monitor all transmissions to and from computer and will inform to the user of any attempted intrusion. Firewall not only using by personal user for their personal desktop or personal PC but its also use by large companies. Companies use firewalls to protect network resources from outsiders and restrict employee’s from accessing to sensitive data .


There are several objectives to discuss about this topic which are:-

2.1. To know history of virus.
2.2. To know what is virus exactly.
2.3. To know what is the Worm and Trojan Horses. Are they same with categories?
2.4 Where virus always hide which is determine the type of virus.
2.5 How viruses spreads.
2.6 Symptoms of computer being infected by virus.
2.7 How to avoid infection
2.8 What is a Firewall?


As an IT technology is rapidly change, virus also become more advanced because the authors created the virus more difficult to detect and destroy. The content of this report will discuss all about the virus and firewall that function as a security. The content as follows:-


Lot of people fear their computer getting a virus, but don’t really even understand how computer viruses got started. The term “Computer Virus'' was formally defined by Mr. Fred Cohen in 1983, while he performed academic experiments on a Digital Equipment Corporation VAX system. Cohen was the first to suggest that one computer program would be able to infect another. He later noted that a virus can spread through a computer system or network by using authorizations of another user to infect their programs. Then every program that becomes infected can also act as a virus itself, spreading the virus from one computer to another.

The first computer virus written was in 1982 by a man named Rich Skrenta and Elk Cloner is the first virus spreads. Elk Cloner work by attaching itself to the Apple DOS operating system and was spread to other computers via of a floppy disk. “It will get on all of your disks, It will infiltrate your chips, Yes it’s Cloner” was the message displayed on the computer and tells the computer it was infected by virus.

The next well known computer virus was a PC virus called Brain. This virus was a boot sector virus created by two brothers Basit and Amjad Farooq Alvi in 1986. Both of them claimed they have not created the virus to intentionally infect other operating systems but instead claim that they had created the virus and attached it to software they had written in order to prevent pirated copies of their work from being created.


The phrase computer virus is actually an acronym. The word VIRUS stands for Vital Information Resources Under Siege. Virus is one of the several types of malware and it is a program or code created by a human that have a capability to attaches itself to a legitimate, executable piece of software and replicate itself. They can be transmitted through emails or downloaded files even can be present on floppy disks or any other sort of digital media. After transmitted they will operate themselves by spreading themselves into programs, documents, email attachments etc and will destructive those infected file or programs.

Some viruses, work quickly to damage the system computer while others can linger for months before we notice the real problem and some viruses also will start to copy themselves into machine computer and start to fill up disk space in the system memory, slowing down computer system and degrading the systems performance. Other virus, can be more serious and erase programs, corrupt or destroy selected files and it will crashing the computer system.

Beside the virus, there are another two categories of malware that quite popular which are Worms and Trojan Horses which mainly differ in the way they are hide , transmitted or spread and what damage they do.

3.2.1 WORM

A worm is one of the malicious programs that replicate itself within computer system. However it does not need a host program to propagate itself which means worm does not have to attach itself to a computer system like virus does in order to function. For example virus requires some action from a user to propagate such as transfer one file from computer to another computer, while worms replicate itself without any interference. This is the main differences between virus and worm. Another difference between them is worms generally will harm surrounding network and can spread so quickly within a large organization and will cause the network to crawly slow or collapsed the entire network.


Actually this “Trojan Horse” has been discovered from a parable of the ancient Greek story of the Trojan Horse. It tells where a group of warriors invades a city by hiding within a giant wooden horse. The residents of the city thought the horse to be a gift, they never know what was hidden inside so they rolled the horse in bringing their enemy within the city walls with it.

Technically, Trojan Horse is one of the malicious program which merely deletes files or install a back door but unable t replicate itself to another computers. It can easily download unintentionally. For example many computer games are designed in such that and hosted free, when a user executed that program it opens a back door to allows a hacker to control the user’s computer and steal the confidential and important information.


The places or area which virus usually hides determine the types of virus. Virus usually hides at the different places such as Boot Sector Virus, File Viruses, Macro viruses, Multipartite Viruses. Polymorphic Virus etc.


Boot sector is a sector of hard disk, floppy disk or similar data storage that contains code for booting programs. A boot sector virus infects or substitutes its own code for either the DOS boot sector or the Master Boot Record (MBR). The MBR is small program that runs every time the computer starts up. It controls the boot sequence and determines which partition the computer boots from. The MBR generally resides on the first sector of the hard disk and boot sector virus is hides in this area. Once the boot code on the drive is infected, the virus will be loaded into memory on every startup. From memory the boot virus can spread to every disk that the system reads. At the same time it will replace boot program with a modified and infected version of boot command utilities. Because of that, it will cause boot and data retrieval problems.

A boot sector virus is usually spread by infected floppy disks. In the past, there were usually bootable disks, but this is no longer the case. A floppy disk does not need to be bootable to transmit the virus. Any disk can cause infection if it is in the drive when the computer boots up. The virus can also be spread across networks from file downloads and from e-mail file attachments. In most cases, all write-enabled floppies used on an infected PC will themselves pick up the boot sector virus.

Some CMOS setups can be configured to prevent writing to the boot sector of the hard drive. This may be of some use against boot sector viruses. However, if we need to reinstall or upgrade the operating system, we will have to change the setting back to make MBR is writable again.


File or program virus is referring to the executable program or code such as ‘.com’ , ‘.bin’, ‘.exe’ etc. These infect executable program files such as those extension. These programs are loaded in memory during execution taking the virus with them. The virus becomes active in memory, making copies itself and infecting files on disks.


A macro virus is computer virus that hiding in a data file such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel that contains macro or similar application. When open a word processing or spreadsheet document, the macro virus is activated and it infects the Normal template ( - a general purpose file that stores default document formatting settings. Every document open refers to the Normal template, and hence gets infected with the macro virus. Since this virus attaches itself to documents, the infection can spread if such documents are opened on other computers. A well known example was the Melissa Virus.


Combination of a boot sector virus and file virus called as a Multipartite Virus. It also known as “Polypartite” .This method is one of the ways of virus hide which will infect at both of boot sectors and program files simultaneously. If the computer system was infected in this method, it’s very difficult to repair because it’s spreads at different locations. For example if we are in the process of cleaning the boots area that was infected and just want to start to clean the files, chances the boot sector re-infect is high. Another example is if the virus in a boot area has not removed yet, any files that we have cleaned before will re-infect.


A polymorphic virus is a virus that can encrypt its code in different ways so that it appears differently in each infection. This action is called as mutate. This technique is sometimes used by viruses, worms to hide their presence. Most antivirus attempt to locate malicious code by searching through computer files and data packets sent over a computer network. If the security software finds patterns that correspond to known computer viruses or worms, it takes appropriate steps to neutralize the threat. These viruses are more difficult to detect as it constantly mutates.


Before the Internet became so widely accessible, computer viruses were generally spread through hardware such as floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, USBs or other removable media. If those removable media was infected, it could easily spread around pretty quickly. For example “Floppy Disk-Hafiz” was infected by virus and someone is used that floppy disk to transfer one file from one PC to another PCs. In a parallel virus will spread their selves by attaching themselves to the file stored on the infected floppy disk during the file migration. Due to that, the entire PC’s that has been used the Floppy Disk-Hafiz became infected after received or copied the file.

As the internet became more widely used and technology became more advanced, computer viruses continued grow and become more common to spread, or cause damage via a network connection. Most computer virus threats these days come in the form of information transferred on the Internet, such as during downloadable files, programs, emails etc but the most common way that viruses travel between computers are through email. Spreading by email is the easiest way. The virus is simply scans the hard disk of the computer on which it resides, looking for email addresses in documents and other files. The main factor is because many people in medium and large companies are using Microsoft Outlook for their email and their contact book. A common technique virus do is to scan the Outlook address book and send the virus to everyone on it. The recipient will get an attachment that appears to come from someone they know and will therefore trust it . especially if the attachment is accompanied by a message from the recipient’s contact that says something like “Here’s that picture you wanted” or “try this – you’ll love it”. Therefore, recipients will clicks on the attachment and unknowingly releasing a harmful virus in the computer system. The virus programs runs, and the process starts again on yet another machine.

This is contrast to the early days, a decade ago when they spread by copying themselves to the boot sector of whatever floppy disk was in the A drive. When that disk was used to boot another computer or when an infected disk was accidently left in a drive the computer was being rebooted, the virus would execute.


Viruses commonly carry out on infected computers are the following:-

Ø Installing spamming back-door. This is a facility that allows spammers to connect to the infected computer in order to send spam via the user’s email account. By installing sophisticated back door software on PC’s through viruses, the spammers always have a continuous supply of email servers and account to exploit.

Ø As mentioned earlier, virus can send or delete files. The virus scan the victim’s hard disk in search particular files, and either deletes them or emails them to the creators of virus. Or in some cases, uploads them to a hacker Web site for the world to see.


If computer was infected by virus, it will show an abnormal behavior. Symptoms of virus infection as the following:-

Ø Spontaneous system reboots meanings that system will reboot without order or instruction from the user. For example users are doing their daily work using their infected computer and suddenly the computer is shut off.

Ø Programs take longer to load. Memory-intensive operations take a lot of time to start. For example normally normal computer will took around 10 seconds to boot up or few seconds to open a file but once their computer have been infected, it will take longer time to open or load.

Ø Programs may hang the computer or not work at all. Any computers that have been infected, the programs will hang which means that we can’t do anything such as copy, open or scroll down any document we needed and for any documents that already opened, sometimes user cannot edit or type what their wanted to do.

Ø Application crashes. Some computers users especially animation designer or creator and etc, need a graphic applications such as Photoshop application or Macromedia application and etc to do their project but if their computer infected, those application may be crashes, cannot be run or use anymore.

Ø Sound problem with speaker or sound card. Computers which have been infected by virus also will impact the sound or speaker system. For example during boot up, the normal computer (clean computer) will generate a normal boot up sound but if the systems have been infected, the sound will be different.

Ø Corrupted hard disk data. Data or files inside the computer cannot be read if the virus have attack the hard disk.

Ø Increased use of disk space and growth in file size-the virus attaches itself to many files.

Ø A change in dates against the filenames in the directory. When the virus modifies a file the operating system changes the date stamp.

Ø The floppy disk and hard disk is suddenly exceeded without logical reason. The floppy disk and hard disk drive are the storage that contains circular platters that magnetically store data, instruction and information. The capacity of information, data or file in that stored can be read by checking their properties (for example: used space of hard disk is 937MB and free space is 2.8G). The actual free space which is 2.8G may decreased to 1G because the growth of virus inside there.

Ø Abnormal write-protect errors. The virus trying to write to a protected disk. Means that user of the infected computer cannot save, write or remove any documents, data or files inside the hard disk.

Ø Strange characters appear in the directory listing of filenames.

Ø Strange messages like "Type Happy Birthday Joshi" (Joshi Virus) or "Driver Memory Error" (kak.worm) appear on the screen and in documents.

Ø Strange graphic displays such as falling letters or a bouncing ball appear on screen.

Ø Junk characters overwrite text in document or data files.


Anyone that has a computer knows the fear that computer viruses can invoke crashed computers, infected files, loss of information, etc. Fortunately, though computer viruses continue to evolve, so does a computer protection, such as :-

§ Anti-virus software

§ Anti-spyware

§ Firewall

3.7.1 Have Antivirus software & regularly scan.

The first thing have need to do in order to protect computer from viruses is to install a good antivirus protection or high quality antivirus program. This generally consists of good anti virus software, a spyware program and firewall. After installed the anti-virus, make sure to update it regularly and scan the computer and other storage media and it must be done frequents. There are some of the antivirus available on the market such as :

1. Kaspersky Antivirus
2. Norton Antivirus
3. AVG Antivirus
4. Norton Internet Security
5. Panda Antivirus
6. Mc Afee Antivirus
7. Bit defender
8. Avast antivirus
9. Avira Antivirus
10. Trend micro Pc-Cillin

Protecting the computer from the harmful programs is actually quite simple and easy to do with just a few simple practices.

3.7.2 Antivirus Software Features to Look for

· Ability to download new software upgrades from the Internet.
· Ability to automatically execute at startup.
· Ability to detect macros in a word-processing document as it is loaded by the word processor.
· Ability to automatically monitor files being downloaded from the Internet.
· Can be configured to scan memory and boot sector of hard drive for viruses each time PC is booted.
· Consider scheduling AV software to run at same time every day.
· Can be set to run continuously in the background and scan all programs that are executed.
· Can cause problems with other software, especially during installations.

3.7.3 Testing antivirus software

Testing the antivirus software is to make sure the installed antivirus is working properly. The way is by use the EICAR test virus. This file is developed by the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research. This file is totally harmless and will be detected by most major antivirus programs. The test file was specially designed to contain no special characters as follow:



1. Type this file using text editor such notepad
(or download it from Web by typing ‘eicar test’ into the search engine)

2. Save the file as

3. Once saved, if the antivirus is working there is one small

window or message box in the bottom left will prompt says ‘Deleted and backup copy is created’ as per below.

If the said Message Box prompted, it tells us the current antivirus is working

3.7.4 Careful in downloading

Many virus and other damaging programs these days are connected by means of the internet. A person should always practice when on the Internet to avoid infection. Should avoid downloading files and programs from the Internet that not familiar because this is the top ways that infected files can get into the computer. As a precaution or for the safest option is to be mindful of what do we need to download.

3.7.5 Careful of email attachment or instant messaging

Catching a virus through email or instant messaging is another way that many computers get infected. We should be cautious of files and we open through email or instant messenger as these can infect the computer. Try and avoid opening emails from people we don’t know and from downloading from emails and instant messenger. However some virus is came from someone we know, so extra careful in opening email or attachment from that person especially the email is sent only for us (no other recipient).

3.7.6 Back up files

Back up files so that can restore them if a virus damages them. But make sure to scan the backup files before restoring back to the computer that have been repair. This is because the back up file that already infected with a virus can re-infect the computer system by restoring files form the back up copies. Therefore, check back up files with virus scanning software before using them.

3.7.5 Quarantine any infected computer

If few computers are connected to a network and found there is one computer has been infected by virus, immediately isolate it from others computers. In other words, disconnect it from any network it is on. Don’t allow anyone to copy or move files from it until the entire system has been reliably disinfected.

3.7.6 Keep original application and system disks locked

This way will prevent the virus from spreading to the original disks. If required to insert one of application floppy disk into an unknown computer, lock it first then unlocked application disk only after verifying that the computer is free of viruses.


A computer which is connected to the internet becomes part of single global network. Whether that computer is multi-user Web server r small desktop or laptop PC and whether it’s connected to the internet via a leased line, broadband, cable or dial-up modem is irrelevant. Unless we take steps to prevent it, every computer on the internet is accessible to every other one.

If we run a Web server that offers information to the public, such as then we want everyone who has an internet connection to be able to access our site. Our PC may be linked to the internet so that we can browse the Web and send an email but we don’t want the world’s of people be able to connect to our PC and view our files as it were a public Web server. Because of that, its an important to have a firewall.

A firewall is a dedicated appliance, or software running on computer which inspects network traffic passing through it. This is done according to set of rules set by the users which it will denies or permits passage based on that set of rules.

It can be considered as the first line of defense in protecting computers from unwanted visitors such as hackers, worms and remote control applications via hidden ‘Spyware[4]’. Without firewall protection the network is an ‘open door’ to the internet and anyone can easily cone and out. Even though there is no any important file to protect, hackers and curious intruders can easily kill the system computer, take control of network or damage hardware beyond repair.

Firewall comes in many forms. Some are dependent devices designed to protect all computers on the LAN to which the firewall is attached. Some known as ‘Personal Firewalls’ are programs which run on a desktop PC or laptop, designed to protect that computer only. A personal firewall programs has been included as part

3.8.1 Types of firewall

There are two types of firewall's our computers and/or networks can have :-

1. Hardware firewall - A hardware firewall is a hardware device that is connected to network. Often many home users who have a home network use their network router as a firewall solution.

2. Software firewall - A software firewall is a software program that we install on our computer that helps protect that computer from unauthorized incoming and outgoing data.

Below are the list of a few of the more widely used software firewall programs

Agnitum Outpost Firewall

BlackICE PC Protection

Kerio Personal Firewall

Sygate Firewall

Tiny software Tiny Personal Firewall

Network Associates

Zone Labs Zone Alarm

Note: A software firewall is only going to protect the computer that has the firewall installed on it.

In addition to the above listed firewall software programs many of the antivirus scanners released today also include their own version of a firewall program. If you have a antivirus scanner that also has a firewall program you do not need to worry about getting one of the above programs or another third-party firewall program.


All networked and online computer users should implement a firewall solution.

Companies use firewalls to protect resources from outsiders and to restrict employee’s access to sensitive data such as payroll or personnel records.

Large companies often route all their communications through a proxy server, which typically is a component of the firewall. A proxy server is a server outside the company’s network that controls which communications pass into the company’s network. That is , a proxy server carefully screens all incoming and outgoing messages. Proxy servers use a variety of screening techniques. Some check the domain name or IP address of the message for legitimacy. Others require that the messages have digital signatures.


Therefore, since Virus exists in this Computerization world many years ago, we’ve to be ready to make a protection in order to avoid this variety of viruses from spread to our computers. It can be very dangerous which is can delete the files, important data, programs or confidential emails from user computers and they install a program which allows hackers, spammers attacks to the infected machine. This problem will be happened to anyone without care to whom and definitely will be wasting to the individual, government, private sector and organization especially when it was involved to their operation computerized.

According to this research, we have exposed for a variety type of viruses, what the virus itself can do, what their symptom, how to avoid the infection and many more. In Addition we have talk about Firewall which is one of the solutions that act as a security for the computer and networks. A firewall which is a dedicated appliance, or software running on computer which inspects network traffic passing through it. This is done according to set of rules set by the users which it will denies or permits passage based on that set of rules. It can be considered as the first line of defense in protecting computers from unwanted visitors such as hackers, worms and remote control applications via hidden ‘Spyware’ as we have discussed on the contents.

Even though some users may not have any important data, files or information inside their computer, but still they should need a firewall or any antivirus to protect their computers from being outsider infestation.

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Today I'm busy!!!.. No time for BW.. So sad.. camne nak tambah wit tabung nih ;p Become typist. Not using a typewriter but computer. I need to completed type for my assignment.. adussh.. i've ketaq2x dah laa ni.. Today i become a typist for an assignment not for work! ;)

I pun tak macam nie kat uma.. Nie sume posing dari gamba carian

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For those job seekers out there, plz check this vacacy (Puteri found from T.H.I.S blog) if you're qualified or have the character that fullfiled the vacancy requirements, You can read the more detail about this vacancy at ::H.E.R.E:: or you may apply online through ::T.H.I.S W.E.B:: G.Luck and All the Best!..

From the site that i found -> C.L.I.C.K. Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) an agency under the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW) invites individuals who are qualified, visionary, dynamic thinking, high self-confident, dedicated and can contribute to the excellence of MARA to fill the position of Graduate Education Services Officer at Institusi-institusi Pendidikan MARA (IPMa).


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M.U.L.T.I.M.E.D.I.A~ I can't absorb anything!..

Sampai jer rumah perkara pertama yang pu3 buat, write entri nih!..
Second on Multimedia.. Sob3x..

Ampunilah dosaku,

Berilah aku petunjuk dan hidayahMU,

Kurniakanlah aku semangat yang kuat,

Berilah aku hati yang terang,

Kurniakanlah aku kebijaksanaan..

Berilah aku kerajinan dan kesungguhan,

Bukalah mindaku utk menyerap semua ilmu yang diajar,

Kurniakanlah kefahaman yang mendalam..

Kerna sesungguhnya air mata yang mampu kutahan dan kupendamkan.

Bila diri mulai patah hati,

Betapa puteri sukar memahami,

Mendalami dan menghafali..

Kerana puteri xdpt absorb satu benda pun tadi...

Kenapa nie???????????

Lost and Fly.

Can't absorb anythings..Sungguh, xtipu!

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Tomorrow will be replacement class for another subject last week.

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Anemia ~ Identify since 6 years ago.

Did u know about anemia? erm,.. nape puteri sebut about this anemia eh? Key.. meh sesame read this entri dari seorang adik nie ::❤❤C.L.I.C.K❤❤:: td BW jumpe kisah sorg adik ni..

Actually, xader ape yg bahaya sgt cume, someone sgt mudah letih and pucat jer..
Kalau musim offline everymonths memang leh collapsed la bg sesetengah org.
Apepun, dun worry..xbhaya. It's okay..
p/s : puteri tatot nak follow up check up kat klinik kesihatan sek7 and just neglect jer. leh x?
huhuhu... But, lately i am fine. Lagipun, condition pu3 stable. Nothing to worries..
Okay, honestly puteri pun tired and not enough Hemoglobin dlm badan (kurang sel darah merah sikit la.. tak banyak. - still under control). Puteri identify 6 years ago waktu puteri aged 20 years ago. Rupenye since i was in a childhood. Patut la puteri senang jer demam and sgt mudah letih. Paling worst pun waktu offline jer.. thehehe.. :) Puteri kat sekolah memang xactive dan xjoint sukan yg lasak2x.. But, so far puteri xpernah la admitted kat hospital because of this prob..
So, buat sesiapa yang bernasib same cam pu3, no worries k..
Jangan rendah diri n read more info camne nak increase hemoglobin walaupun xleh..
ngeee.. at least, try k.. cukup zat besi okla even it's not easy nak increase hemoglobin.

❤❤ Will be very busy with another Group Project Assignment and Study for Final!.. ❤❤

Will be regularly update blog as usual soon.. mostly everyday exclude the vacation when i going back to hometown(coz kat kpg xder tenet)..

But, not everytime because I need to Focus on my study now!!!!..❤❤
Some of my assignment, project, also need to start and work on at this free moments.. Luckily, my task is not really hard but need to redraw an organization chart from the original sources and compiled the 3 part required. Likewise, read and study have to do regularly rather than read blog.

So, my fellow bloggers, otherelse, plz keep visit my blog and i'll update from time to time!.. Dun forget to clicking ya.. Dun worry, I'll reply back!~ I'm going to miss BW activities.. thehehehe.. :)

So, G.Luck everybody 4 the mission to be successfull bloggers!!.. :)

Multimedia's RFP for this friday almost finished!

Alhamdulillah.. all almost finished by my group members. Already discussed and decide. Now time to wait her completing at all what we've decide previously. Ready for friday class. Hopefully, our group proposal will be accepted! and need to study and practise multimedia!.. Xmahu tercengang2x when the lecturer class be held!.. Tapi, kenape selalu terpesong ke blog? aiyokkk... :)

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BackLink Tutorial..

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As per requested by ::MHps::, which is she wan to identify how to prepared a backlink, so i provide 1 Tutorial specific for this purposes.
Macam i nak wat esemen plak... multimedia supposed be camni ;)

Before that, i think i have done before as per other blogger requested previously.. at ::My Artwork:: which is you can ::R.E.A.D H.E.R.E::

So, Shall we start?
Jot down a note ya MHps.. tengok tul2 eh..senang jer
seminit jer atau 5 minute la awak da pandainyer..

1. Just identify which word to backlink. Ex : ::C.L.I.C.K::
Just write as usual.

In this picture, i select for words ::H.E.R.E::

2. Change Colour of words, but remember only in the compose not html.

From my picture, i choose to change the words "H.E.R.E" to blue colour.

3. To link the words with ur related web or other blog..

Click link for hyperlink insert purpose. Just copy the url from the related or required purposes, then paste at this url hyperlink information. Then ok.

4. Published and u've finished ur backlink words.

It's simple and easy.. Senang kan MHps? semudah a,b,c sume dah ade dlm compose tu.. Just selected and applied.. xpayah nak edit their html or whatsoever.

G.Luck!!.. ;)

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Anyone who wanna be a brilliant? Hand Up plz!❤❤Sape nak jadi cerdik sila angat tangan!..❤❤

Afternoon everyone.. opps, evening already.

So, i wanna share about something. Anyone who wanna be a brilliant's person in their study, career for decision making, family for leading.. or somebody in their life. It's about our life style.. We can change our life style so that we can improve our habit and so on.. last but not least our intelligent! not only for us, we also can share with family as well.

So, when talk about motivation, autmatically the first motivator will be dancing at my head is Dr. Fadzillah Kamsah. How about u? Okay, i dun want to weast time, so.. if u want to know, plz read ::❤❤H.E.R.E❤❤:: Puteri pun xbace lagi and nak bace now.❤

Class Cancelled..

What so lucky today!.. Class cancelled when i was in the right situation..

The story begin when my friend call me to confirm whether the class will be held or not. And i'm sure as usual, the class will be held on the usual time. So, i prepared to go by mr.bus. Once i arrived at Uitm in the front gate or door, i felt that i wanna go in uitm trough their back gate or collage entrace. Afterwards, i received call from my friend that there's no class for today due lecturer was cancelled immediately. Luckily, i'm not arrived to the second or back gate that safe me just to round again for going back at my house. So Lucky i am..

There's no class for 3 days more.. What's my plan?.. Wanna back to hometown? I don't think so..
Coz this week i have many thing to do with my study.. Even though i have no class there's many notes to read and assignment to be completed. InsyaALLAH, i'll spend proper time and chance given. ;)

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Today is my study day.. Coz last week busy with all those presentation preparing, and other assignment required. So, this weekend i wanna check again my assignment based on their date line.. Also this week proposal needs to be prepared by this week!..

One thing, puteri study with mood and situation.. But, it still completed on the time as required. Uhuk.. That's why i need to change it start from this week. There's a variety assignment which is individual and also group project in my check list that need to be completed soon should be start now!.. According to the independence day on this 31th August 2010, i've to change and positive NOW!!!...

Yes, i've to be strong and neglect the -ve elements (if have and comes)..

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Alhamdulillah, completed 1 presentation. But, Currently i'm not feeling very well.. kami meredah ujan 2x mlm ni. uhukkk... firstly, i was run out with nadd for printed our miss out table of content, and then secondly my friend and me meredah ujan nak ke keta after class dismissed. So now, i should take a hot mylo and warm water for bath so that tomorrow will be wake up for sahur and attend class for replacement about 10.00am tomorrow. Uhukk.. i'm sure i'm not feeling unhealthy soon. Prevention is better than cure.

Therefore, should rest early!.. G.Bye all!!~