Saturday, October 2, 2010

What so Pleasure Moments for the second last year - Hari Raya Celebration during our study.

This year is the best year to each of our "convoi group - not convo:D" for aidilfitri, syawal 1431. Convo Group will be another one and half years more!.. This is the first time and never doing for us at previous year!.. This is the only one and will be next year for Aidilfitri Celebration. If this year we just spend for 5 house, but we'll add more house will be visiting for the next year. InsyaAllah.. me too!... Next year i'll participated to serve them as well!.. That's because next year will be the last raya that we'll celebrate during the study moments!.. What so pleasure it was!.. Actually, what we get from this program??.. Well, we're enjoy together with a forgive and forgotten prinsiple... 0-0

Can't wait for completing about one and half years soon!.. Wish me best of luck!!..

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