Monday, September 27, 2010

Assiiigggggnnnmmmeeennt and Fiiiiiinnnnaaalll Prooooojjjjecct Dayyyyy..

What so bussiiiiieeest sampaikan topic today look like so what? busy lah!.. I am fine but still cough, so allergic with cat and yesterday was raining went and back from class and luckily i'm not weak and got fever!.. Alhamdulillah.. But, bussiiiesst and cough makes me take some water and ate carbohidrat so that i am fine!!.. that's mean, i'm not going to fasting this whole day!.. hehe ;)

I thought that i would like to such completing all my assignment and final project today!!!!.. rase nak compile semua!!.. try to completing even i knoe so many things yg xcukup lagi according to their requirements from group members.. Coz i think that time is so expensive and soooooooo faster!!!!.. I scared for the final exam that need to look into serious mode!!!!.. If i am so genius and brilliant!!!..??? (kalo la aku cerdikkk...erm, tak baikkk!..syukur..) But, thanks ALLAH, i am able to learned and absorb some of the lecture.. Alhamdulillah.. So, today, i'll try to doing and completing my part beside give my hand to help any weaknesses from other members need because of time and busiiiiieeessst as well..

K, wish me luck okay!!!!!.. I want brighten up my parents heart!!!.. I want achieve my good dreams!!!.. 2 years more!!!.. yeahhh!

before got "hidayah Allah.." hehee..

but now, i knoe what i should do first and when need to work hard on it!..

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