Saturday, September 18, 2010

My article for Triod was rejected!..


I've been here!!.. puteri active back after connected with network stremiyx.. Doesn't mean i dun want take a broadband as an other alternative, but.. the weakness and disadvantages is one the reason why i dun want used and choose it! :D Sorry broadband!.. If they provide a good service and enough internet and network connection, but then i'll bought 1 broadband probably.

Alhamdulillah, safely arrived at Shah Alam on last thursday and busy with reading and preparing my assignment that never touch during the Hari Raya Vacation.. heheh.. teruk betul lah!.. Padan muke u!.. But, i was enjoy during the Hari Raya!.. but, can't got duit raya lah :D

Ok, back to the topic. My article for triod was rejected!.. Ya lah!.. i just copied my article from my ms.word to the triod page.. Heheh.. should be type again and posted!.. That's also doesn't mean accepted. Need their confirmation before accepted, and then they will publish ur article to the public as a reference to students, researchers, teachers, etc.. Bile mau prepare ni? Takpe, ade mase i prepare poem..:D ngee..

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