Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Break Fast at Class.. 13 Syawal 1431 H.

Assalammualaikum all,
We're now at 13 Syawal 1431.. So, dear friend, plz grab the opportunities to "berpuasa sunat 6 di bulan syawal" "jom puasa 6".. that's only given once every year... But, we've not promises to meets again this barakah Syawal next time preciously.. So dear all my silent readers, followers and blog walkers, plz take the advantages that Allah s.w.t have given to us..

Today, i was break fast at Class when i have to attend a lecture class at evening until early night.. With a peacefull and nice evening, we're just break our fasting with cute and sweet cookies from one of our classmates.. Thank You dear for the lovely biscuit and cookies.. We love it!.. Sampai kan bekas cookies tu menjadi cookies centre bergerak".. and lecture pun smile.. So sweet.. :)

That's the sweet memory and part of the challenges of study!.. I am looking for the sweet memory for the rest of our study moments for only one and half year more.. So yabedabedu.. Can't wait for the graduation!.. ;)

But, before the ending of my degree stories and get a new experiences out there, we've to face again for this friday test and saturday mid term exam!.. Chayok to all!!.. But plz pu3 u've to think +ve and grab the chance that have given to u!!!.. May Allah Blessssssss... amin..

G.Luck to all!!!.. Let's study!..

Waiting for.. and looking for ->>>>>


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