Friday, September 3, 2010

Alhamdulillah, pray for safely journey..

Picture by mr.googlie..

Assalammualaikum all, include my blogwalkers and silent readers,

My last day isn't tomorrow.. My last class for tomorrow was cancelled.. So, my true last day before Aidilfitri brake was today. Have been sit for test and it's over today for one paper.. will be waiting after raya. Hope i will not fly because of raya.. I'm not really eager to celebrate this festival, but.. thankful by a simple preparation and celebration beside on always remember in everyday zikrullah..

Tadi pu3 ada bace satu newspaper online.. wawawa.. so scary in these days criminal cases.. Let's read together :

So, for people, friends, sisters, brothers and whatsoever, please, please and please be carefull, especially when killing is the common scary activities by robbery nowadays.. For those who alone in the journey of going back to hometown, please be carefull. Protect urself by a lot of preparation, information to pretend urself and always be aware!.. To all muslims, banyakkan baca Ayat Qursi selepas solat, dlm perjalanan mahupun utk memulakan sesuatu perkara.. Penjenayah tak mengira siapa anda, jantina mahupun status.. Be carefull all.. doa banyak2x dan minta hindarilah terjadi pada ahli kelaurga kita, amin..

Also picture from googlie

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