Friday, August 13, 2010


Alhamdulillah, completed 1 presentation. But, Currently i'm not feeling very well.. kami meredah ujan 2x mlm ni. uhukkk... firstly, i was run out with nadd for printed our miss out table of content, and then secondly my friend and me meredah ujan nak ke keta after class dismissed. So now, i should take a hot mylo and warm water for bath so that tomorrow will be wake up for sahur and attend class for replacement about 10.00am tomorrow. Uhukk.. i'm sure i'm not feeling unhealthy soon. Prevention is better than cure.

Therefore, should rest early!.. G.Bye all!!~


  1. cepat3 makan ubat yea.. nanti demam pulak.. huhu..

  2. huhuhu..tq cik niena : alhamdulillah, chat ni!!.. pu3 da mam ubat.. and da balik class replacement hari ni pulak.