Sunday, August 8, 2010

What it is? Randomly definition~

09 August 2010.

Information is a knowledge that human beings perceive through one or more of their senses. It remains intangible until it is represented in a formal manner as data. When represented as data in a document, information can then be stored, communicated and used. Instead, Data is the representation of information in a formalised manner suitable for communication, interpretation and processing, generally by a computer system. Anyway, record is a document regardless of form or medium created, maintained and used by an organization (public or private) in the transaction of business of which it provides evidence. [M.Laura, 1999. Managing Records in Organization, International Council on Archives.]

What is records management? Plz read for me!.. Oh no! U're so lazy gurl.. U can, but why u're so lazy? Okay, i'll hardworking from now! :p -> Records management is that area of general administrative management concerned with achieving economy and efficiency in the creation, maintenance, use and disposal of the records of an organisation throughout their entire life cycle and in making the information they contain available in support of the business of that organisation.

Suddently my eyes cry... i just have tears for lighting my test tomorrow.. So amazing when i feel so many sacrifices that i've done.. problem oh problem.. go away.. solution oh solution,.. come here. I've today sacrifices for tomorrow.. mak ayah!!.. doakan akak~ ",)

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