Saturday, August 7, 2010

Got Test on Monday!..

Alhamdulillah, get a better rest after back from class. I dun care about the time at this moments.. even though it's almost 5.30pm, tido jugak!.. huhu~ terrible tired and information overwhelming.. Sgt mengantuk.. can't wait for tonite... terus jer pejam mate.

Tomorrow will be meeting and discussion with my business partner red gurlz about our baju kurung pahang promotion.. u guys out there, plz make an order ya ;).. plz contact us at email : or plz
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One more inportant thing is, got test on monday!.. erm,.. May ALLAH Bless me.. Hope i will answer well. amen.. tetibe mood jahat : nak wat toyol lah. owh!.. never and dun do!.. biarlah org nak wat toyol bagai, i'm not and good :p

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