Monday, August 16, 2010

Anyone who wanna be a brilliant? Hand Up plz!❤❤Sape nak jadi cerdik sila angat tangan!..❤❤

Afternoon everyone.. opps, evening already.

So, i wanna share about something. Anyone who wanna be a brilliant's person in their study, career for decision making, family for leading.. or somebody in their life. It's about our life style.. We can change our life style so that we can improve our habit and so on.. last but not least our intelligent! not only for us, we also can share with family as well.

So, when talk about motivation, autmatically the first motivator will be dancing at my head is Dr. Fadzillah Kamsah. How about u? Okay, i dun want to weast time, so.. if u want to know, plz read ::❤❤H.E.R.E❤❤:: Puteri pun xbace lagi and nak bace now.❤


  1. Pu3, tolong ajar akak macamana nak buat perkataan link dengan huruf macam H.E.R.E yg warna biru tu, please3...

  2. MHps : oh..mudah je. Awak saye wat tutorial bagi awak faham eh.. nti saye ckp mende plak awak jd xfaham.. ade gambo clear sikit ye tak? k, bole MHps..