Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today's Class..

Salam and a very good morning,

Today's challanges activities is a presentation!.. entah knp, bile minta present mesti ketaq, bile minta present mesti ketaq, bile ketaq mesti mintak present.. hehehe..:)

As we all know, when we in front of peoples that are watching at ourself, why we feels those nervous?

There are some tips that i've to neglect that negative behaviour which is?..
1. Take a breath. Cool~
2. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
3. Drink some water.
4. Confident.
5. Think what u're talking are right and plz be rational with words.
6. Just be honest and natural.
7. Make sure understand what has been delivered in that presentation, speech, etc.
8. Smart so that feel more comfortable..

Okiess, i'll to practise!.. InsyaALLAH, will be okay. amen..


  1. yaahh,dats right...nervous is always behind us,can't avoid...but,da way how to handle it important..kn2...hehe..
    gud luck..;)

  2. hehe.. btui. kdg2 kelaka dgn org len or kite sendiri.. xsemena2x nervous n sometimes okay jer.