Monday, August 2, 2010

Never imagine that IMS552 related to the blog.

Erm, today will be held my system class around 2hours. This class actually discuss about information concept, information system, business information system, system development, information system in society, business and industry,global challenges in information systems for chapter one. The coming soon topic and chapter will be a variety topic that related on Information System, telecommunication and network.

For these chapter 1, i've never imagined that the business information system and business and industry is actually based on blog, website and ect. Memang puteri xsangke.. erm, b'tambah sonok plak berblogging.. Ramai yg menceburi dunia bloging termasuklah lecturers lain. (Bukan lecturer IS tadi ye :).. hehehe.. gbile sebut ttg blogging, will be informed for new blog shop sooner between cik nuna amany and pu3.. Tggu ya!.. :)

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