Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BackLink Tutorial..

Dibawakan oleh nuffnang ->>>>❤❤

Salam everybody..

As per requested by ::MHps::, which is she wan to identify how to prepared a backlink, so i provide 1 Tutorial specific for this purposes.
Macam i nak wat esemen plak... multimedia supposed be camni ;)

Before that, i think i have done before as per other blogger requested previously.. at ::My Artwork:: which is you can ::R.E.A.D H.E.R.E::

So, Shall we start?
Jot down a note ya MHps.. tengok tul2 eh..senang jer
seminit jer atau 5 minute la awak da pandainyer..

1. Just identify which word to backlink. Ex : ::C.L.I.C.K::
Just write as usual.

In this picture, i select for words ::H.E.R.E::

2. Change Colour of words, but remember only in the compose not html.

From my picture, i choose to change the words "H.E.R.E" to blue colour.

3. To link the words with ur related web or other blog..

Click link for hyperlink insert purpose. Just copy the url from the related or required purposes, then paste at this url hyperlink information. Then ok.

4. Published and u've finished ur backlink words.

It's simple and easy.. Senang kan MHps? semudah a,b,c sume dah ade dlm compose tu.. Just selected and applied.. xpayah nak edit their html or whatsoever.

G.Luck!!.. ;)