Monday, August 16, 2010

Class Cancelled..

What so lucky today!.. Class cancelled when i was in the right situation..

The story begin when my friend call me to confirm whether the class will be held or not. And i'm sure as usual, the class will be held on the usual time. So, i prepared to go by mr.bus. Once i arrived at Uitm in the front gate or door, i felt that i wanna go in uitm trough their back gate or collage entrace. Afterwards, i received call from my friend that there's no class for today due lecturer was cancelled immediately. Luckily, i'm not arrived to the second or back gate that safe me just to round again for going back at my house. So Lucky i am..

There's no class for 3 days more.. What's my plan?.. Wanna back to hometown? I don't think so..
Coz this week i have many thing to do with my study.. Even though i have no class there's many notes to read and assignment to be completed. InsyaALLAH, i'll spend proper time and chance given. ;)

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