Friday, August 6, 2010

Serius xsabar mahu lepaskan 2 tahun ini secepat mungkin..

Bila bekerja, beriya sangat mahu belajar. Dan, bila dah belajar rasa mahu je berhenti dan bekerja sahaja.. pd diri sendiri...padan muke! sape suruh study :)

Semua org macam tu ker? or is it just my thought.. Everyone dreams to be success, educated and happy in life.. me too. It's about how hard it is, how it return for your future soon.. and no matter what, have to be patient. Absolutely, need a lot of sacrifices including daily routine, money, heart, feeling, time, and a lots of thing. But, absolutely it's rewarded by the knowledge and experiences that definitely influenced to the next career world soon..

2years more, opps.. only 1 and half year, can't wait for the years comes.. May ALLAH Bless my effort and make all these dreams comes true.. Can't wait for completing study and start work again!..

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