Monday, July 19, 2010

Time to completing my assignment..

Salam and hello everybody,

Currently, i'm quite busy with my new business online activities that almost early in their born moments, and try to grown up well.. So, today and tomorrow, i'll try to completed my first assignment that need to be present on next week.

Article finding was easy work for me to find previously, but recently we've to use another password that make me postponed my task for completing my article finding. This is because i on't have that password to welcome myself to find any article for free. That first step which is find a relevant article according their title required need to take more time to find and the easiest thing to do is based on google ( famous search engine), but not all their articles have a high quality as we all know.

Hmm, actually, i feel a bit bored and headache that need to release for some time by post something into my blog entry. You know what, so many list of articles there but, there's no one is relevant to my assignment!.. owh!.. so terrible bad!.. Hehehe, but i feel cool when i try to post something at my blogspot and i'll rewarded soon... let's follow me.. ;)

Okay, i'll continue for my finding, and i'm sure i can found it!.. How come that previous semester i can find easier, but that's not now???.. I'm sure i can got it soon!.. Bye, see you soon.

p/s : plz comments friends, i don't want to be someone that talk only with myself.. I need 2 ways communication and conversation plz!.. ngeee~ :)

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