Monday, July 5, 2010

New Blog..

Salam everyone,

With a unique identity to specialized and differentiate my blog purposes about a creative writting, artwork, and study journey, i create a fantastic and great idea to another blog so that i'll code to other option of writting.

New semester should be start yesterday, for my third year, and semester 5 bachelor degree. It's too faster and now i realize that time is a gold,, even previously i always complain, when i can finished and completed my study???

However, based on the arrangement and timetable schedule process is still in their discussion, so the class is not start yet.. As usual, for the first class is only an introduction of subject and introducing each other between lecturer.

Because we're matured and working people mode of study, we've to be more independent and professional on the process of handling a problem for every new semester start. Even though this is a positive perseption to us, but we need a full of guidances and cares from all the university procedures so that we've to attend class smoothly without any problem. This is because we're still 'student' that have to learn a lot of things according to their course of work for every subject. Likewise, we need an advices from our belove lecturer so that we can build a clear knowledge worker soon after graduated from this university.

This is about my first week of study that always happened to every students exspecially PLK or off campus mode.

Last but not least, i hope that this semester will bring a lot of learning experiences according their methods and clear understanding afterwards on their subject lectured. My ALLAH Bless me on this journey of study. InsyaAllah..

I'm not expect high and perfect on this, but i know i can do better if i have more effort and ditermination on this semester. Wish me a success future undertaking ya everyone,,,.. See you soon on the new blog post!

Puteri Cahaya

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