Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why you are so addicted with blog?

One women said "Why you are so addicted with blog?"
I replied "That's not because addicted. That's because it's effective way rather than games can give earnings and by always updating our blog's content and information will effects for our blog metered and buffered earnings. Likewise, u got new friends, current info quickly, get more knowledge and ect. For some people, that's a business platform to them.."
She said "Oh, really? It's rewarded? Are you sure?"
I said " Yes, i'm sure.. So many people have been paid by this adv sense and etc!.. huhuhu... For example : princess, anatasha, cikgu naman, intan, nurul, etc."
That women : "Oh, that's good. Please teach me.. hehe".
I just smile.. dlm ati, pirahhh.. tadi kondem org, skg nak belajar plak!??!.. muahahaha.. nilah manusia.


  1. ok blog ni dah follow... ada 3 lagi blog..

  2. aku addicted bukan pasai earning....... sebab so far tak nah earn apa2 laie dari nuffie/..... sedey kan??

  3. serius?? s.o.f.i.a sgt parah.. awak pastikan always updated blog tuh. n plz follow as many blog as u can.. pastu rajin comments and joint innit, geng blogger.. Alhamdulillah, so far ade perubahaan pd blog puteri.

  4. yg paling penting, kena rajin saba lah... lame2 ade lah tu.. amen.

  5. emm,btul2...blh dpt ramai kwn,yg kte tk pernh terpk blh jdi kwn...kn2???hehe

  6. nur aisya humaira : betul.. huhu =) xsangke.. pu3 agak pemalu. but, dlm dunie blogging pu3 belajar how to tak perlu nak malu n xreti malu.. wiiiii =)