Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yesterday's Story..

Waiting my classmate to pick up me and it's a bit too long time, so i decide to snapping and snapping.. Yesterday, i editing about 5 minutes and there.. that's the result (gambo kat atas tu).. Do u like it? If u wanna it, i can do for u...include payment. huhuhuh :) Now always with payment..
Talk about payment, i remember about my client that wanna bought my baju kurung pahang yesterday. Actually she's decide and confirm wanna bought my clothes last 2 weeks. So, she just booked for me until end of the months. So, i ask her again yesterday.. She wait for her husband for payment purposes. (Jgn xjadi sudah. I've kept for her..n my friend n i need a capital back and some profit..) Hopefully, ALLAH is always help me.. amen.
Also about my study payment... Oh, it's been too long time for waiting the bills.. So worried.. When i spend a money for study fees.. I have to worried about using it with other things and reason.. Hopefully, i can pay by this week.
Oh.. hopefully, my new cooperation with my best buddy a.k.a classmates will bring a lot of barakah and project will be.. So many thing to spend with money will be.. for the internet user, blogger. readers and followers, do whatever u do should be to increase my traffic... hehehe.. up traffic and clicking.. Tabungku darimu.. thx!.. :)


  1. Nice friend..visit mine if free k ;D

  2. Hehehe... akak singgah sini jap je. Nice entry. Bagi dua kupang untuk tabung puteri, tak apa ke? =)

  3. hehehe.. jemput2x.. akak ker? huhuhu.. japp, tengok profile nnti.. dua kupang.. xper. simpan dlm tabung nuffnang nti jadi byk ler.. hihi.. =)

    p/s : klu tiap ari 2 kupang erm, seminggu dan 1.40, sebulan dh byk.. hehe =)

  4. ok la akak.. jap tapi setiap hari ek? huhu