Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Have to..


Good evening everyone..

While i was preparing my things and get ready to class, and waiting for my classmate arrive to pick me up going to class, the cloud is totally dark, even this moments is almost 6.15pm, but the surroundings is such as 8pm and above... Waooo... so dark u know! Serious i said!.. I'm not lied~

Heavy raining and sometimes loud noise that accompanies lightning, or a thunder is comes together is very frighten. Suddently, my friend call in.

"Hello, we can't go to class. Very dark cloud and heavy rain it was!.. " she said.
"Oh, really.. where are you? " i am replied.
"I'm still at KL right now.." she's said.
"Oh, if that the matter, it's okay.. " my last word.

So, finally, we can't going to class. That's not because we're lazy, but can't.. That's one of the challanges during this journey.. However, I have an assignment pending thaat need to completed. So, without waste my time, i start to do my task..

Plz pray for me that's situation never comes again... serious!.. pray for me and wish a best moments for one and half year more for me ya!..

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  1. it's almost one and half year!.. faster!!!... time plz running fast okay.