Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My first class with my best classmates.

Salam all,

Today, i'll try again to write down my voice to be recorded as a journal into my study life. Today was sweet date that i didn't realize earlier,, which is 07.07.2010,and this is identified when i did editing for my classmates foto shoot just now.. (is that really a photo shoot??.. is just like a randomly activities when the lecturer is not around and not available to attend a class.) But, normally we don't care whether lecturer in front or not, if wanna to snapping and photo shooting we still make it happened.

As early 7.30pm, my classmates (name is hidden), was picked up me at my apartment. Thanks to u my buddy, and at that time i just drink some water and ate 2 spoons of macaroni pasta for break fast. Arrived at university, i do my maghrib prayers at the university surau and back to class as usual. The best thing that i've doing is trying to kept the meals carefully and was continuing my eating after back from class about 1 hours later. That's always in a good condition of the meals for less than 2hours left. That's so fantastic.. weeee~ That's only will be experienced on this journey of learning..

Today suppose be a class will be held for my etnique relation, but the class was cancelled due to the some problem regarding the registration process and ect. The university's surroundings also look so quite, and our class attendance was bad. This is a normal thing that was happened when the first week of the new semester start.

During the waiting time for the lecturer, we've a best moments for photo shooting that it's may create a new mood for us to more hardworking and cooporate within a year 3 new semester, semester 5. Wish all a best of luck and May ALLAH Bless us.

This is part of my experiences during the student life is all about. Luckily, i've no need to waiting for the mr.bus for attend the class. tq friend.

Last but not least i attached one of the pictures that we've snapping.


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