Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Learning how to love cat..

I just want to share with uolls about cat.. the pets that i really allergic and dun't like very much.. Doesn't mean i hate that cute pets, i love the cute picture, their cute figure, but.. i am "geli geleman" with their smooth body structure and fur (short fine hair covering their bodies)..

But, now i learn how to love cat and be a good mummy to them! (terpaksa)...when they hungary and at the same time nobody around to give them food. but, can't touch coz i got allergic which is "geli geleman".. huhuhu~

At my house there's a cat have been delivered her's baby and i hope they will not live here when their kids grown up because i really "geleman" with baby cat that like to play around our legs... Oh no!!!!... i really dun like! hope they will understand.. For pet's lover, i can considered and cooperate with the good cat but not very indulgent okay!..

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