Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Salam to all,

alhamdulillah, today i've completed one step which is my article have been approved.. yehaaaa!!!!... ;) soo happy. That's mean, the next step, i need to read, understand, review and evaluated for next week presentation. Honestly, i like this kind of assignment!.. But, when the article finding is the main problem, i feel a bit stress and fed up. However, i've settled down this problem and can proceed soon. Tq for some friends that contributing for this article finding and password identify. Tq alls!.. muaxxxxx!!~

Tomorrow will be our sacrifices for business day. I'll update some of the new stock and pending pictures that's kept by our accountant. Wait for tomorrow at aien gallery ya!

Today, i'll be early going to class with my future business partner for Picture Editing!.. Titas 2 for ethic relation will be held about 2hours. Hope i can catch up well and smoothly absorb into my mind.

Last but not least, May ALLAH Bless me and u olls, readers and followers.. Tq.