Monday, July 26, 2010

I am Nobody..

I am nobody, but i dream to become somebody some day..
Internally, i am strong and positive..
Even though i looks like humble externally..

This journal is not an article that I need to review and evaluate for my daily diary.
But, this is only a journal that can teach me, guide me,
With all the memories and experiences through this journey in study.

I'm sure, it's not easy to reach a goal,
It's hard to pick a star at the sky..
But, only 1 stregth that can make me strong,
That's my parents!

I've to achieve what i've dream,
With all the sacrifices at the beginning of the way..
And now, i've to choose whether move to the next ending with successfull,
or back for the same level!

Definitely, i will choose the right first way!..
I am nobody, but have a dream to become somebody!..
Wish me luck!.,
One journal in a journey of my life.. learning journal.

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