Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Second Article..

Salam and G.Night everybody,

Tonite i feel so happy coz my article for second assignment have been approved just now. Therefore, i've to prepare all those things for my article review and presentation.. Luckily, i have a week to read and understand it before make a review on this journal. Mmmh fenin la at first time i read it!.. But, it can be okay later on..

May ALLAH Bless me..

Also about an essay for group, hopefully i can arrive campus early tomorrow for book loan process. And, hope we will not late completing all the assignment.. Need to be early this semester due our business and my own business launched and should be very busy with all the project and clients required. InsyaALLAH.. Pray for us and May ALLAH Bless us!.. amen..

Hope for Syaban months will bring a lot of success to us, good job and project!.. amen...

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