Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today i wanna going to class by bus..

Good evening all,

Today, i wanna going to class by bus.. It's long time i've not waiting for the bus.. Hmm, hopefully it's not westing time so much!.. Hehehehe.. Currently, my classmate always pic up and drop me at home.. But today, i wanna going early. Library also, i hope they provide what i wanna find. I would like to find about 4 books for my Titas Essay Writting by grouping. My group partner is coming late today. So, i decide to come early..

I'll try to get a new mood by waiting a bus today. Hope that doesn't bring any problem!!.. uhukkkk...

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  1. but suddently, i change my mind.. No need to wait for mr.bus!.. hoho..