Friday, January 7, 2011

I Like F.O.C - It's about FREE.

Assalammualaikum.... everyoneeeee!.. So many eee's so that so many people. Can I????... hehehe..

This night I'm not going to sleep early. I don't know why, It seem too difficult to close my eyes right now. Suddently, i remember about my Information Marketing for my Course Lecturer said before,which is luckily she's a good person with a positive attitude which is enough spent time for rest and sleep about 5 hours everyday and doing their routine as a students and worker at a previous time. But then we so impressive and said waaaaaaooo... how do you plan all those timetable with sleep??..And now, not because i was tried to copy about her habit and attitude but tonite I decide to practise my mind to think creative and critical in a positive ways by writting Blog. Can I?? This is the only platform for me to critic anybody and get some excersize so that it's about to release my a bit stress elements perhaps :D

Okay, back to the topic. I like F.O.C - which is about my internet connection. Seriously!.. I didn't imagine before until informed by my housemate that have an internet coverage for FREE.. again, FREE from the wifi restaurant nearest our home. What so happy!.. Thanks again!..

This is also seriously make me think twicely (3 times) for choose a broadband for my alternative internet source. Therefore, i still can use what FREE for me as long as it worth for me!..

Okay, hopefully the wifi connection is strong so that it make easier for me to make research, and find many sources from internet and online databases soon. Pray for everythings will make me easy!!.. amin.

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