Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Malaysia Blogger earn up to RM1Million annually.

Malaysia Blogger earn up to RM1Million annually.

Surprised with those topic?

This article I found last 2 days from 1 short news paper whe at PTAR (My University Library) and I read it when i was visit there which is The Star Newspaper, dated 24th January 2011, Monday, page N41 for segment “View”

I just make a simple review about this matter.
According to that article view, Bloggers and Blog Operators these days are able to check up revenues of up to RM1Million annually according to Berita Harian’s front page report.
Based on daily, bloggers can exploiting their Blogs for business transaction or order placement, earning in average monthly income of RM70, 000. Likewise, the daily highlighted blogger, Mira Abu Bakar whose highest monthly income RM12, 000 in 2008.

Furthermore, she has been operating RedMummy.Com since 2005 (*wah, so long time ago. I never know what is Blog at that time). Her average monthly income revenue of RM2000.
But, she need to responsible at so many things which is one of them, she admitted that she have been declared her side income to the Inland Revenues Board (IRB) now. Before this, she did not know and not realize that she need to do so until she received an audit.

Other than that, for Nuffnang (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd manager’s (Nicholas Chay), revenue for any Blog depend on 2 of below reason;

1. Number of viewer and visitors at a certain period.
2. Popular Blog could earn huge profit because advertisement or product viewing posted.

Therefore, 1 tips here to improve and increase or profit based on this article is to maintain our visitor to keep on reading and view our Web Site or Blog. That’s all the essential element that we’re always neglect it.

My vision of 2011 : Followers and Revenues for 1K by end of this year!.. May I? InsyaALLAH.. because all of u are there to support my Blog!.. and of course you will rewarded too soon.

Latest tips : Tool for Size Measuring Check, PageRank Check.

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