Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TQ Sayang ❤ Nuffy ❤ ~

Hello Bloggers Out there!!..

First of all, when I login and check my nuffnang updated, but then.. I just wanna wish Tqs for support my alternative Study Blog. This is where my journal written and documented. I just feel what i having faced and learned from my studies and class. I didn't expect that this Blog can achieve a great BE!!..It’s just a daily dairy that can kept all those feelings.. Nothing Special!.. and now, definitely this BE can prooved that it's great rather than my other Blog. Doesn't mean I just ignore that Blog, but I never expect this achievement. Really!!.. Really didn’t expect!..

Anyway, I think study is the best learning process and methods. Even though i got a best result or NOT.. but, i can learn some values whether a lot or a bit. As long as i got something for add my values, that all enough for my learning journey. InsyaALLAH, I’ll pass all the subject in this courses as long as I follow the schedule and rules, I’ll grad for one years and more. And I’ll not stop for the writing for this blog even though I completed my study.

However, Thank You so much!!.. I got another BE for this journal Blog. My thought and voice for every single thing about my daily feeling during this journey is REWARDED!!!..Yeahhh! Thanks Bloggers!.. Thanks Silent Readers!!,.. Thanks Nuffy!!.. Thanks Celcom, Thanks Magnolia Ice Cream!!!.. Thanks Guys!!..

With Love,

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