Saturday, January 22, 2011

How Important Detoxed it is for our body???

It's not about to promoting any additional or nutrition supplement and anythings.. It is just my experiences sharing when i take this product to detoxed tocid from my body. I have taken chlorella and chlorofil, vitamin C. Ok, u all can read before and after I taken those supplements. I don't want to explain what is the product made of, and what the ingredients and whatsoever. But, just want record and share publicly when it work!. Good thing to be share loudly!..

Ok, see the differences and improvements.

I got anemia and fast weak is almost my problem. (*lemah kerana anemia - less red blood cells.)
Tired and pale. (*pucat)
Terrible bad when period pain. (*senggugut teruk)
If too bad can collapsed (*serious. past time always mc when i was in period time)
Skin problem which is too many pimples.

Can feel always healthy.
Feel more energy and not easy weak.
Can stay up until morning with a good health.
Not to bad when I in period time.
More stregth!
Reduce skin problems.

Seriously!.. Did u know that i never post any complain about sick and weak about when i was in a period time!.. and My Mission for this semester is no MC, no absent and no, no, no.. :D

And one more sharing about my boss for my part time job experiences when she taken those supplements to detoxed and naturally release and treat their cancer.. She's also is the person who suggest to me for taken those supplements. And one more an interesting things is that i use my boss member's card for more discount due to control my cost!.. Scroll down...

her's experiences was recorded and shared publicly. and She's the most strong women among others that i have seen.

She build her own business after come back to Malaysia when she was fine. Previously she's the successfull women in her's careers which is she working about more than 10 years if i'm not mistaken around Uk,London and others in overseas. Most of her's experiences she was shared with me during her painfull and drop from her's career.

Most of her collection is the best that i choosen. Easy and sweet to wear it!.. and at reasonable prices!.. Most of shawll also is different from others and so cute!..

This is the product that every morning and i need to ate in an empty stomach. So, as a conclsion we need to know that detoxed tocid from our body is a very essential elements to make sure that our body is healthy at the furure time for long term preservation. I am not promoting on this because i'm not belong to a members card, but, generally we just think about what so many variety fast food, junk food and many flavours with several ingredients. If we are not detoxed it, that so many health problem can accour during the maybe next 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and more. So, think about it!..

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