Friday, January 21, 2011

Nuffnang - Thank You for Another BE!..

I just realized that my study journal was added another BE!.. What so surprised!!.. I am Glad to get it!! and insyaAllah will routinely update this English Blog!.. Now is time for me to focus for the individual assignment (not really, more spent time at Blog :D hehehe) and InsyaALLAH, 8.2.2011 our faculty will bring us (who taken management of archive subject) to the National Archive of Malaysia for doing our research and observation. I'll update and review about it randomly soon with my creative way (if can) which is also i need to professionally reviewed for my individual assignment.

Okay, back talked about BE, i just remembered that I'm not preparing for Sherbet Magnolia Ice Cream Contest anymore..

InsyaALlah, by next weekend i'll joining it!.. Wiiner or Looser is not a problem as long as i participated it and appreciated those BE given!..

For the latest BE, Digi Happy SS was bring a lots of happiness and beautifullness to my Study journal. Normally this Digi Happy SS was come in and stay for about many hours at Another Blog which is as per picture above (click banner picture for view those Blog) .. But, finally BE was created at the other Blog!.. Anyway, tQ so much!!..

Last bt not least I just hope for many BE's as they can rent of their advertisement at my Blog for 2011!.. :) Thank You so much!!.. Thank You Bloggers!!.. Thank You advertisers and Thank You Nuffnang. Dun forget, Thank You readers, silent readers and Visiters!!.. For those who bought the "Item or product" from my advertisement that around my Blog, i'm so thankfull!.. (*bahasa melayu - sesiapa yg beli product ke, item or perkhidmatan dari iklan di blog ini saya sangat berterima kasih!!!.. )

And I hope for another BE which is Milk Deal that provide cut, wash, blow and dry by senior stylish at Damansara Perdana with a reasonable pricess (60% discount!)

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