Saturday, January 22, 2011

I missed Maggie Mee!!..

First of all, i still want to update about juicy Magnolia Sherbet!.. Just now (afternoon) I walked to Giant at 2pm about 5minutes. So, my mission is to bought a Magnolia Sherbet.. But they are not provide now!.. The stock is not available to buy!.. So sad coz I have to ate it and i want to judge whether is it very delicious and yummy or not!.. But they’re not sell it!.. I try to ask all the sales person there, but the answer is that’s just the Magnolia brand product.. So sad!.. So, I can’t update about Magnolia Sherbet Contest!.. Should be try next week maybe at 7e!

Picture by Google.. tq Kuai!..

Some more, I just hungry when almost the whole day today spent at my page or personal blog,So I mixed all those Maggie Mee (*Curry Flavour), and some vegetables into the boiling water!. This is the only fastest way to eat!.. :) huhuh.. Suddently, I have remembered it's about so long time I’m not ate Maggie Mee curry with vegetables and a bit spicy!.. Ate when it was hot!.. Wahhh.. so spicy but delicious ones!!..

This is also credite to

Are u out there feel so hungry after watch all those picture?!.. Same goes to me previously! :) But, no more now..

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