Sunday, January 16, 2011

TQ Sayang ❤ Nuffy ❤ ~

Welcome again my dearest blogger readers and others,

I am very happy and thankful for Nuffnang achievement that i've got!.. Latest updated from My Artwork - Aien Gallery was my review for my study journal!.. I am so enjoying to update and continue for my next writting and writting. For this blog, i did not expect for the comments more than 10, instead of yes for My Artwork - Aien Gallery. For those artwork blog, i need so many comments so that i'll peasefull and happy to write. Beside that, this blog of my study's movement journal is enough for collected my own wrriting including my voice and thought...

Alexa???.. pu3 xpandai nak check.. tapi, da try search and find this...

rank alexa for Blog Kata Hati Puteri.

This is ranking for my study journal.
This is alexa ranking for My Artwork-Aien Gallery.
That's all, tq.


  1. g dekat kotak search alexa tu masukkan address blog kita...

  2. hehehehe.. malunye.. xtau. ok, i'll try.