Thursday, January 6, 2011

Start for a new Episode for the Journey.. Study again..

Come back to School!!!... Yesterday was my first day attend lecture class and everybody is almost in the holiday mood and busy managing their kids especially for the new student intake for primary school. So, we just spent time for the class is almost not a very long time, and just arrange the attendance and registration list according to the system.

It’s too early to think about homework and assignments that makes me still in the enjoying mood and introduction feel. InsyaALLAH, the journey of chase for Degree learning is about to run and grab the knowledge and lecture as fast as I can catch up!..

Most of Off Campus students are matured candidates, so we try to make it easy according to the easiest way!.. Btw, thanks for all the cooperation given from the friends or classmates so that the learning process becoming easier.

One more thing that make me happy is, we will learn another software for this semester which is PHP. I hope I can understood at the end of the semester so that I’ll practice it and enjoying the subject purpose. I am very inquired about what is PHP, Joomla, and etc, so that I will improving my Blogging style and knowledge. Therefore, by doing and learning this subject I hope I will get more better understanding and skills about this Blogging surroundings.

I don’t want to talk much, but then enough for me to reviewing my first week of the lectures and subject that I will taken, I pray for the BLESSING FROM ALLAH S.W.T for the whole 5 months for this semester and for the rest one year for my study balance before I can grad. Amin..

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