Saturday, January 8, 2011

Attend Class for me easy way and not bring troublesome in the usual time..

G.Evening everybody..

Even though you are a silent readers.. or Blog walking stalker..

I just attending a class to cover for a 2 weeks foward while my friend need to going for a course about 2 weeks. It is only take a titlle hours of my saturday everning and i was enjoying the surroundings. I hope i can spend my time effectively..

At first i'm also scared if the Prof is quite hot and so strict as her role for lecture master's and PHD's class. It's too far compare with us Degree students which is lack of knowledge and experiences compare them as well. But actually, she is very understanding but she never teach a Degree or Diploma students previously. In her's lecture history, this semester is the only one experience for her to teach us. And of course, luckily for me and all the rest classmates to get a good lecturer as herself.

But according to yesterday class I am still remembering that, she told to the whole class "I don't know how to teach Degree's students." This is because she always use her's expert style and discipline to teach high level students. But, we do not care how expert it is, as long as she teach us how to understand this subject, is enough. This is also make me so proud being her's students and very lucky because before her's retirement, we learn something about her's experience and success achievement suring her's career as a lecture and trained by an expert style.

Let me introduce about her to share with all the redears..
HERE and HERE and her's Personal Details read HERE and many more..
What so proud i am become one of her's students.

Back from class, I just work for get an extra pocket money for supporting my balance study about one years more. So, I want advertise here for those people out there around the Giant Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, please do not hesitate to grab a Shawl, Hijab, Scarf and etc from me until tomorrow only ya!.. :)

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