Sunday, January 9, 2011

Before Close my eyes..

First of all, smile and click nuffnang advertisement as per below ya.. :) tq

Assalammualaikummmm all,

This is entry from last night which is i'm not connected with internet wifi while i want to post the new entry...hehehehe...

Online from my room with a Darul Ehsan Wifi is also bring some happiness and sometimes troublesome. Huhuhu.. But, as long as I can online everywhere around my house for free, it’s enough for me. Suddently, I just remember about how so delicious Roti Canai it was. So long time I’m not ate Roti Canai.. :D

I am trying to post something for my Blog while others are busy with their AJL event by watching Tv. But, I choose to sleep, and before that updating something so that I feel so cool before close my eyes.

Erm, I still remembered how my uncle and other people ask about my study and courses details. Firstly, they are asking for my subject quantity and how many creadit hours that I’ve taken already and how many their balance and also how many years that I’ll graduated. Okay, InsyaALLAH, if nothing be happened, and everythings in the good track I’ll completing my study by next 2012, and I’m taking for 39 subject for the 8 semester. (It so long for me but, that is my choise and it take 103 credit hours according their plan. Huh, enough to answer all those Questions.

Today was a new week for the serious lecture class that I need to plan properly!.. I don't want fall down again!.. Whatever was happened, i need to positive always!!.. and I know, that i will in a positive mood everytime now!.. :) Can't wait for the one year balance for my study and i'm sure to appreciate myself with my choise and work hard during the study which is taking 4 years to completing it.

Otherelse, i still waiting for the result of my interview last time.

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